Acer Swift 7 Review

Acer has given us the opportunity to try the brand new Acer Swift 7, a notebook that pushing the concept of portability in a design that packs a full generation and practically every computer provided that the category forces in less than a centimeter thick.

The notebook has stood for all his caraatteristiche, and from a perspective that sees Acer point very even on the category of high end devices with this new line of notebooks launched with this generation of laptops. Ready then to have another slice of the market in which soar.

We will try to analyze this notebook by comparing it to what are the alternatives on the market and understanding what are the target users of the notebook and what the best scenarios for using this Acer Swift 7.

Low-power fanless platform, but the details we’ll talk later, available with Intel Core i5 series is seventh-generation M-Y (ex m5) is the series i7-Y (former m7) all dual core and all with good integrated graphics to keep pace with the times.

The memory is 8 GB DDR3 and stands on the soldered on board, while the SSD is a SATA disk 3 with a capacity of 256 GB already installed at the time of sale. Configure Acer Swift 7 is completed with a 13-inch Full HD screen with, among other things, glass panel and full hd IPS technology and a webcam.

I mean, the notebook you leave appreciate for itself. Acer Swift 7 adopts a striking design, reduced thickness, lines not too familiar to the notebook market because they approach only with other Acer products already on the market, at lower prices and with an appearance varies widely.

Great are the materials of this laptop, it is metal with the exception of the hinges of the screen (which would seem the only weakness of the notebook) and the display itself which is protected by a Gorilla Glass 4 but which we will tell you certainly better later. This is not a unibody design but a choice that makes apparently easy access inside.

Excellent colour combination with a black color that characterizes “outsiders” more obviously the keyboard keys and the outline display, and the gold color that characterizes the bottom of the keyboard, the touchpad with borders framing the back housing with great elegance.

Definitely great weight, a little more than one kilo is an outstanding result for a 13.3 inch laptop is difficult to obtain and that maybe they broke through downwards only solutions that are limited to have much smaller display (about 12 inches).

Obviously also the thickness is a strength of this device. We even under centimeter thick, which makes this the thinnest notebook with Intel Core processor available in the market which combined with weight decisamenrte content while not extreme reduction of spaces with normal-sized frames still manages to make this a notebook to use really anywhere.

The system is fanless heat dissipation and therefore your notebook will be getting a little warm in the upper zone-Central, that precisely where the CPU. The heat but does not expand too much, the keyboard is always fresh and the wrist rest is not for anything touched by dissipation. Specifically though that area during prolonged use can become very hot and then cool down very quickly from off/stand-by mode.

There are two USB ports are the only Type-C with one that is shared as the same laptop power port and the other as a simple USB 3.1. We also have a 3.5 mm headphone jack port while it is completely absent a memory card reader.3

The keyboard of this product has pleasantly surprised, compared to other products of the same company we found to be much more stable, much more precise and generally very good even compared to the competition from other products in the same category.

Only down fall, if we can say, is the limited key race that forces you to learn a bit to use it before you get carried away and of course the lack of keyboard backlight, which is really a shame on a laptop at this price and with certain expectations.

Passing instead to talk about the touchpad that’s sticking out another strong point of this Acer Swift 7. This is a very large touchpad with considerable size, a bit too wide and maybe a little high but the surface is very wide and smooth, with ease of use.

The surface is made of glass and the controller allows the use of up to four fingers gesture native Microsoft Windows-integrated 10 precision touchpad though (maybe for problems about installing on our unit) we had to install the drivers manually by downloading them from the Acer website.

Even the display of this Acer Swift 7 stands out within this review. The resolution is not too high, it is a Full HD IPS has become the minimum to consider a portable computer some cost, but since the first ignition doesn’t seem the common economical Full HD.

Great indeed contrast and colors in normal use they seem an entirely different world than a cheap Full HD atiriflesso that often we have seen in other notebooks, Acer, but also cheaper. The glass panel to protect the display can be seen in a double role.

This is a great protection, a great design element because it harmonizes and makes it more solid on everything, but it’s certainly less comfortable than a light-reflective display a little unfortunate though must we say that the reflections are not the major problem we encountered on many laptops touchscreen.

Partner maybe, but not too much, brightness of the Panel and the content gap between glass and LCD Panel, LCD Panel 7 on Acer Swift reflexes are really a problem almost non existent which should not be underestimated when choosing a notebook for work and for extreme mobility as in this case.

Let’s talk about the performance of this Acer Swift 7. This is a notebook that does not Excel from this point of view nor we are facing one of the flagship features that Acer advertises on their pages as the key in the description of this product, which focuses attention on other things.

But this mini introduction not to tell you that this NetBook is not handsome, nay, every day will amaze by its responsiveness, by always being ready and willing to carry out the tasks of any user with ease without waiting, without planting itself.

The seventh-generation processor, particularly in our model a Intel Core i7 CPU of the M7 series, manages to keep up with daily tasks that an average user, allowing even the possibility to perform tasks far more complex without problems, except with some extra time compared to more powerful but also more costly in terms of energy.

The processor board can be an i7 or i5 (ex series Y then Core M) in any case always dual core and with limited operation frequencies precisely from the fact that these solutions with fanless heat dissipation and therefore cannot produce in abundance. To support we also have a great amount of 8 GB of RAM, welded and individually expandable not retrospectively (shame).

As regards the storage solution we have a 256 GB SSD drive that manages to make everything always responsive and startup applications always fast and with very little delay. The disk is a SATA 3 model that fails to express what PCIe models on competition models with the same target, fail to give.

Here are some of our tests and comparisons with other notebook models we tested, with the benchmarks performed during our reviews, a few summary graphs.

Good results in this regard. Acer on his Swift 7 doesn’t try to aim too high with numbers from science fiction as some company makes always or as some historic reliability is doing right now. Nine are the hours that the manufacturer declares that this notebook can achieve, “only” 9 hours of battery life.

From our tests we were able to achieve maximum given while using the product a little more than 8 hours, which is certainly an important factor, facilitated mainly by the presence of the Intel Core M of seventh generation, a fanless dissipation system but also a display of resolution does not point to the stars.

In realistic usage scenario, with web browsing a bit more aggressive, obviously using WiFi (also because the only adapter on board), you will never be able to go short of six hours and a half, which is still just as good as a notebook often less than one cm and weighing just over one pound.

On the media front this notebook was equipped with special accessories to multimedia. On board speaker of excellence but that in fact we are just enough to have a decent listening experience, preferably of voices and music not given the lack of bass and richness of sound.

The speakers are still two stereo unit positioned at the rear of the front 7 but Acer Swift enough which favours anyway a good listen. The volume is not too high but fortunately a headphone jack or Bluetooth can help in terms of audio.

Too bad even for the front, this is unfortunately the usual webcam just enough units at videochaimate/video conferences but nothing too sharp nor defined. Yes the resolution is pretty much good, but just for video 1080 p that still seem a bit grainy and few clear in bright not too favorable.

No conventional video output, it passes everything wirelessly with miracast support built into Windows 10 or via USB port Type-C which is now a real handyman’s door. Good microphone that captures very well the voice.

From the standpoint of Acer did not leave us too dry on this Swift 7. On board we have the entire suite of application programs of Acer as that for the Cloud, for driver updates and maintenance of disc and drums, in addition to managing the recovery. We also have the trial version of McAfee.

From the point of view of the drivers we could not detect instability aside that of the Synaptics driver but that probably was only relative to our installation. We also noticed a slight occasional flickering on screen. We don’t know whether this is due to some driver problem chart or our preproduction units.

As for Windows 10 on this platform juggles quite well thanks to the SSD and the components compliant with standards officially supported by Microsoft in the latest version of the operating system.

Acer Swift 7 is a great ultraportable notebook, but it certainly isn’t that notebook for the masses. Performance is not rightly the best on the market, are those which, however, the vast majority of users of the market can be fine. Swift 7 is that notebook which puts even more than other proposals, next to all the convenience of a 13 inch in more notebook on the market.

His audience there is unclear. This product, in our opinion, is primarily aimed at all those professionals who find themselves having to travel a lot and having to work a lot in extreme mobility and anywhere on the train for example, where space for a 15 inch is scarce or when traveling in makeshift offices and desks.

However, if you need power, the Core M 7th generation does not fit. Best graphics card than the previous generation but processor performance, although less consumption, have not improved a lot. CPU and an SSD is not the latest generation doesn’t make this laptop to perform better on the market.

In short we can say that Acer Swift 7 is the perfect companion for your mobility, which will satisfy even more than other competitive products, despite some questionable lack in 2016, but that certainly will be able to complete the experience of using a notebook or desktop computer you already own.

The notebook is available at a price of € 1299 official web store of Acer itself. A very high price given the competition and in view of the fact that there are solutions that are distinguished for the ULV solution more handsome than this. We do not have a backlit keyboard and at least until the market does not enjoy a bit of the money we are faced with a great product at 360° but on investment a bit over the top than the market.

However, if we consider that among the various offers available online you can snatch a price of just over £ 1000 we can say that it is more than that of the world’s thinnest notebook even to one of the cheapest in its class.

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