ASUS Zenfone Zoom S Review

Asus had already placed on the market a year ago Zenfone Zoom, a smartphone equipped with optical zoom. With a different technology the company decides to replicate the whole also within the new, and more compact, Zenfone Zoom S, arrived recently also on the Italian territory.

Within the Zenfone Zoom s package you will find a 5v/2a power supply, discrete in-ear stereo headphones with various adapters, a USB-USB type-C cable and a soft silicone case. Welcome gift If you are afraid that your smartphone can slip out of your hand.

Zenfone Zoom S is a well-built and pleasantly designed smartphone, although somewhat similar to what has already been seen elsewhere and therefore not particularly original. The body is metal, pleasant to the touch, even if it tends to hold the fingerprints a bit. Instead, they are plastic the two darker bands at the ends of the phone to allow the antennas to connect seamlessly. In hand the smartphone is neither too thick (8mm) nor too heavy, despite the 170 grams of weight. Only the fingerprint reader is perhaps a bit too high, but if you have long enough fingers you will have no problem getting it.

The ASUS Zenfone Zoom S comes with a Snapdragon 625 octa core processor up to 2 GHz with Adreno 506 graphics processor. We then have 4GB of RAM and even 128GB of internal memory eMMC, expandable using a microSD that will however occupy the second SIM slot, forcing you to make a choice. Discrete but not perfect connectivity. Good LTE up to 300 Mbps, while Wi-Fi b / g / n unfortunately does not support 5 GHz networks. Bluetooth 4.2 is present, but not NFC. Precise and quick fingerprint reader and FM radio present. It’s a shame for the very fast and unobtrusive notification LED and for the front buttons not backlit. Pretty good the lower speaker. We therefore have a lot of power, but experience of imperfect use due to choices not quite understandable.

The ASUS Zenfone Zoom S comes with two cameras, both 12 megapixels. The first is a fee of 25 millimeters (so similar to almost all other smartphones) with aperture ƒ / 1.7 and optical image stabilizer. The other has a ƒ / 2.2 aperture and is the equivalent of a 59mm telescopic lens and in this case is used as if it were a 2.3x zoom. Let’s start by talking about this second camera that allows you to shoot good photos with a 2.3x optical zoom when the light conditions are favorable: with little light the optical zoom is “disabled” in automatic mode, but with a lot of light You have to be careful about the strong lights because they might burn the image. It is therefore a welcome addition though with its limits.

It is definitely better for the “main” camera, which also thanks to optical stabilization allows you to take good photos in multiple light conditions. Even with little light you will be able to make good photos, though without getting closer to the big ones with regard to the top smart Android smartphones. Discreet video in 4K resolution, which also has optical stabilization. Both for photos and video, you can force the “zoom” mode by activating the manual shutter. Also selfie with the 13 megapixel ƒ / 2.0 front camera. Even with little light you will still be able to resume sufficiently sharply you and your friends.

Also interesting are the various shooting modes including a more aggressive HDR, slow motion, timelapse, animated gifs, or photo retouching to always look younger in their photos.

The display of this Zenfone Zoom S is 5.5 inches and has Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. It is made with AMOLED technology and this allows it to be brilliant and well visible in most contexts of use. The display colors appear a bit saturated but you can still partially correct this defect through your smartphone software settings. The brightness is then discrete and adjusts well automatically.

ASUS launched this Zenfone Zoom S with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, a software version that can now be safely considered dated, however good, stable, and good performance. However, the fact that launching with such an old version of the software will probably result in less up-to-date updates in the future. However, as mentioned above, the software is fluid and has not shown any uncertainty during use, as well as giving us, as always with regard to ASUS smartphones, a great opportunity to customize everything with different icons, different fonts, themes that overwhelm the entire Look at the phone or even change the density of the icons and much more. The interface, as already mentioned on other occasions, seems to be dated and we hope that an upgrade to Nougat can also give a “full” to the ASUS full interface.

Among other features we have one-handed mode, gesture support, Mobile Manager to manage permissions, notifications, and more, and Game Genie to stream your game sessions or record a gameplay. App like apps like PhotoCollage to join multiple photos, MiniMovie to create short movies from photos and a reminder software.

The battery of this ASUS Zenfone Zoom S is from 5000 mAh, a truly remarkable result if we think that the smartphone reaches just 8mm thick. The results we have obtained are very good. You will always arrive at the end of the day even with the most intense use, or you can also complete 2 full days with a single charge, thanks to particularly low power consumption when the phone is in standby mode. Charging is fast enough, albeit not as lightning as other top (more expensive) tops. The Zusammenon ZUS Zoom S is sold at 499 €, a price in line with that of the mid range smartphone with peculiarities (in this case camera and battery). A launch price so high however could still push many to consider other alternatives as well.

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