BlackBerry Passport review

The BlackBerry™ Passport smartphone is designed to differ from other smartphones with a large and wide touch screen and a keyboard for touch use.

The new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition introduces a refined design, with a reinforced frame of stainless steel and a lattice back diamond, soft to the touch. BlackBerry Passport design is based on the form of a passport, offering an image known even for something so new. Its frame is inspired by the beams used in modernist architecture, and the mild form of the back cover is very nice in the hand, at the same time that hosts a large battery.

BlackBerry Passport takes our flagship keyboard to the next level. The physical keyboard provides more precision to the teclear1 and frees more space on the screen to display. Responds to touch gestures, so you can scroll through web pages, move to write or slid along the keys to move the cursor. BlackBerry® Passport is designed for active people like you, with a power consumption optimized BlackBerry® 10 and an impressive 3450 mAh battery. That’s almost 2 times more battery than iPhone 6.

BlackBerry® Hub is a truly integrated Inbox to manage your conversations. Combines all accounts e-mail, texting, BBM, social networks, notifications in one place and phone calls, not back to Miss nothing. It is available from anywhere with just finger swipe, and needn’t worry about constantly check if there are new messages thanks to the flashing light’s customizable notification. BlackBerry® Assistant is a built-in Wizard that helps you perform tasks such as search for a particular e-mail message, create a meeting request or even a gift at Amazon. Works via both voice and text commands, and in the car works in handsfree mode (it is not necessary to look at it) in order to remain productive even in the middle of a traffic jam.

When it comes to security, business leaders and leading organizations rely on BlackBerry. You can feel secure knowing that all communications and data are protected by the process of encryption for BlackBerry for messaging protection against malware, and for backup, delete, restore and anti-theft protection. (Some features require BlackBerry OS 10 v10.3.2.) In BlackBerry Passport telephone calls are a good alternative to the conversation in person. It includes powerful speakers and a system of four microphones; You can adjust the sound of the call according to the position of the phone and the background noise. The result is an unmatched sound quality that may make them feel as if they were in the same room, even if they are at opposite ends of the world.

The browser BlackBerry 10, recognized in the industry, is extremely fast and fluid. Access your content online and favorite services as they were conceived to be, faster than ever, and with an unlimited number of browser tabs. And with BlackBerry Passport, you will see on the screen a full, as in the desktop website.

BlackBerry® Blend™ takes the messages and content of your BlackBerry to the computer and to the tableta.3 access to posts by email, text, BBM, documents, calendar, contacts and multimedia files from work and personal in real time and on the device that is using. Without saving in the cloud, without wires, without transfers between devices. It is simply there.

BlackBerry Passport is a return to the origins of BlackBerry with a QWERTY classic, although compressed into fewer rows. It has a touch screen of 4.5 inch 1440 x 1440 pixels of resolution, rear 13 megapixel camera, 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage, processor quad – core 2.3 GHz, Snapdragon 800 and FM radio.

Finally, although that screen size is good for some things (Pocket, reading sites) and the keyboard is time a facility rather than a handicap, the phone is very voluminous. Too much. In the Pocket feels like a kind of square Hulk that very often becomes uncomfortable. It is true that I believe that BlackBerry running at 100% is probably the most productive operating system that exists, but a primary phone should not be only productivity and work. You missed my iOS games, he missed to send my videos to the Chromecast from the sofa as in Android, I missed less Snapchat (in BB10 I crasheaba) and above all, above anything else, missed having an operating system that doesn’t feel like a cluster of carefully prepared patches to proclaim “Hey! Look! It works! “.” It is the equivalent to the “Look MOM, no hands”, served during the first few metres, but in the end you just pasting it you.

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