Canon EOS 80D Review

Canon EOS 80D
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Canon announces the EOS 80 d, a powerful digital SLR camera fully equipped, that puts at your fingertips everything you need to advance in your experience with photography and video. Ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy practicing different genres and styles, this camera can be customized in many ways and shoot with exceptional speed and ease. The 80 d EOS, which combines advanced imaging technology – including a new sensor CMOS of 24.2 megapixels and a DIGIC 6 processor, together with a new AF system of 45 points, all of cross type, and shot burst at a rate of up to 7 fps-, is a versatile camera to capture both photos and videos Full HD.

Whatever topic you want to explore – from sports, wildlife or action-80 d EOS is a very fast camera, noted for capturing amazing and complicated details. Your new sensor provides a spectacular clarity and the freedom to cut the scene, while its new 45 point AF system all cross-type and its bursts of up to 7 fps shooting allow to freeze the action with the highest precision. To a precise point focus or track in a wide area, the AF points can be selected individually or grouped by areas, which gives you greater control over the composition, regardless of where the subject is in the frame. When you make combinations of objectives with small openings, 27 points AF f/8 will allow you to focus, even in the most extreme situations.

Designed to photograph under changing light conditions, this camera has a range of 100-16,000 ISO, expandable to ISO 25.600 native sensitivity. The AF system will continue to operate even in the light of the Moon (- 3 EV). RGB+IR measurement of 7,560 pixels sensor measures both visible light and invisible infrared light, which ensures accurate exposures, while the detection of the flashing lamp ensures consistent exposures when you photograph with artificial lights. A new priority target setting also helps to reduce the appearance of warmer tones.

The Canon EOS 80 d has been meticulously created to provide photographers everything they need. The instinctive design of the camera means that it is possible to easily customize the experience of shooting, using properly located controls that give access to the modes and settings that were used most frequently. The camera’s intelligent viewfinder shows 100% of the frame, in addition to the camera settings. In addition, you can quickly switch to the touch screen LCD II Clear View angle variable, 7.7 cm (3.0), ideal for recording video, view live “Live View” mode, or quick access to different functions.

Whether you are creating a vlog of travel as a video with cinematic style, the 80 d EOS offers complete flexibility, thanks to the recording Full HD. Get an accurate autofocus and the track of soft focus is very simple thanks to the exclusive Dual Pixel CMOS AF for Canon technology. Both the AF speed and AF tracking sensitivity can be adjusted easily, giving you complete control over the speed and responsiveness of the AF to suit the style of your video. More advanced video fans can rest assured that they will get results professional in appearance, with the ability to record in MP4 format to 60 p, perfect to slow the action while it continues to control the approach. The 80 d EOS has both input for headphones and microphone, which allows recording and have full control over the audio during recording.

Enjoy the freedom to shoot the camera remote through your smartphone or tablet, using the EOS 80 d with the Canon Camera Connect app. Built-in Wi-Fi connections and dynamic NFC make it easy to connect and share your JPEG files of full resolution with your smart devices. You can also connect and control your camera through a personal computer, without the need for a Wi-Fi router, and thus save, view, and share your photos and videos quickly and easily accessible location, using the Connect Station CS100 of Canon.

Canon also introduces the versatile lens EF-S 18 – 135 mm f/3, 5, 5, 6 IS USM. To adapt to the versatility of the EOS 80 d, the new lens EF-S 18-135 mm f/3, 5-5 and 6 IS USM Canon offers an automatic approach to high performance for both videos and photos, with a wide focal range that allows you to capture images very broad or nearby, with a single objective. The EF-S 18-135 mm f/3, 5-5 and 6 IS USM is the first objective of Cannon powered by Nano USM approach, which provides a smooth and silent AF and a spectacular collection of photos speed. The new PZ-E1 motorized Zoom adapter is a compact and lightweight accessory designed for the EF-S 18-135 mm f/3, 5-5 and 6 IS USM that enables manual control of the smooth zoom when recording videos, ideal for recording documentaries of professional appearance, with the option to control Wi-Fi.

Canon EOS 80 d price and availability

• Body EOS 80 d: €1285 – available may
• EF-S 18 – 135 mm f/3, 5 – 6 IS USM: €579 – available from March
• PZ-E1 motorized Zoom adapter: €149 – available from June

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