Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review

Canon unveils PowerShot G7X Mark II, a powerful compact camera that offers unprecedented levels of control and incredible image quality with every shot. Based on the PowerShot G7 X, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is the first camera to incorporate the new Canon DIGIC processor 7. In combination with a CMOS sensor type 1.0 “20.1 megapixels and a 4.2x optical zoom this camera is perfect for capturing photos and videos worth sharing, print and display without using filters or conduct a thorough editing . The PowerShot G7 X Mark II offers the performance of a camera in a compact and ergonomically designed to fit the look of the PowerShot G series, while offering intuitive and immediate access to the most commonly used controls .

Thanks to Canon’s precision optics, high-speed, full manual control and enhanced connectivity, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a precise camera designed for those users who want to take control and shooting with their own style. The DIGIC 7 new generation of Canon offers a processing power of substantially improved image and allows extremely fast AF speeds and performing continuous shooting up to 8 fps in RAW format, reducing noise and helping to capture the most fleeting moments . To photograph safely and quickly, improving detection subject ensures that the camera will lock focus on the subject even when the saturation and contrast are low. The Auto Lighting Optimizer type EOS also improves contrast by a natural correction, while maintaining balanced areas of higher brightness with the darkest. Whether you catch a landscape at dawn or a city during sunset, the camera offers improved low-light performance. When it combined with bright f / 1.8-2.8, the CMOS sensor type 1.0 “and new imaging capabilities of the DIGIC 7 provide greater flexibility for shooting in the most complex conditions, even with the maximum zoom focal length. When shooting on the fly, with no time to stop, the Optical Image Stabilizer technology with Sensing Dual IS (IS with dual measurement) significantly reduces the effects of camera shake and helps reduce the impact of hand movements and body, so you captes always very clear photos.

The lens Control Ring The PowerShot G7 X Mark II offers personalized access to the most important settings and has a function to switch the stepping mode to continuously perfect, both related to gradual changes and aperture settings , shutter speed and ISO sensitivity to changes more linear as the focus. For precise focus, MF Peaking function immediately shows what is in focus, instantly visible on the hinged touchscreen. In shooting mode RAW 14 bit you can capture the nuances of color and shoot style artwork for minor editing, image styles offer preset color, you can choose according to your style or the scene to go to photograph . The Picture Style profiles are customizable and can be used throughout the range of EOS digital SLR cameras, allowing you to get the same look at each feeding, you, photograph, photograph.

Film directors beginners can rely on the PowerShot G7 X Mark II to capture your videos Full HD with spectacular clarity. TEDA full manual control access to all exposure settings, which you can compose and customize each shot so that it fits your personal style. Details video capture is now easier thanks to improved subject tracking offered by the DIGIC processor 7, allowing absolutely capture everything from the change in facial expression to sudden movements. The Dynamic Image Stabilization Canon works with automatic level to correct the effects of camera shake on five axes automatically, ensuring stable and well leveled horizons scenes, even when using the camera in motion or from angles unusual. To capture fast action for a period of time, the camera has a video mode Time-Lapse creates videos that give the feeling of acceleration.

The broad range of connectivity features the camera are immediately accessible via the Wi-Fi button, while the Dynamic NFC lets you connect with one-touch intelligent devices, including the Canon Connect Station CS100. Sharing and backup in the cloud has never been easier thanks to the synchronization feature images, which makes online copies automatically. You can also upload your images to irista Canon, which gives you more room to store your photos in high quality, and create photo galleries that you can share with your friends worldwide. When you’re ready to share your photos, in-camera RAW processing allows you to choose the output format and edit images on the fly, but also keeping the file with the original resolution.

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