LG K8 4G Review

LG has always been aggressive in the entry-level. K8 4G might be the step towards the conquest of this difficult market section. LG K8 4G travels well, it must be said. There is a shadow on this interesting device, for someone insignificant, for other important.

LG has always been aggressive in the entry-level. K8 4G might be the step towards the conquest of this difficult market section. LG K8 4G travels well, it must be said. There is a shadow on this interesting device, for someone insignificant, for other important.

Colorful and pleasant the LG K8 4G box. Its content is standard. Besides the classic manuals, there is only the wall charger, usb-micro cable and the headset from the honest realization (at least are present) .lg has compiled a list of balanced specific K8 4G. Interestingly HD display, good endowment RAM (1.5 GB), to be assessed by the 2125 mAh battery seal.

LG has designed this K8 excellently. Almost impossible to find so much attention to detail in the low-price segment. The front glass is slightly curved, ends its run on profile polycarbonate with metallic effect. The back cover (removable, great assembly, looks like a unibody device) is rubberized polycarbonate with a very interesting texture.

The LG K8 4G lines are designed to accompany the best grip, actually this smartphone lets you use a total thoughtlessness. No indeed important to do, LG has worked very well. Aesthetically K8 4G is worth much more than its official list. Oh, no need of the classical period of adaptation to use quickly back buttons.

Though from an aesthetic point of view LG K8 4G has an edge compared to its market value, the display is no exception. 5 inches, simple HD resolution, IPS technology. Ok, someone might turn up their nose to a pixel density not really high, maybe you should complain of the absence of the automatic light sensor. In any case, LG K8 4G has the color loads but natural, a white clean and sufficient blacks to not fall in the gray shades. K8 4G manages to be a good companion even during the display in the light of the sun, it must be raised the brightness to maximum, manually.

LG K8 4G comes with Android 6.0 + Marshmallow LG UI 4.0 (not the same as the new LG G5). The interface LG is definitely complete, functional and flexible. If you look at some particular function, just digging in the settings and this K8 4G able to offer the right customization.

Is there any section slimmed down compared to higher-end proposals, it is this diet that allows LG K8 4G to be always ready and quick. Without further beating about the bush, the performance of this K8 4G are thick for its price range, can handle all applications without major delays or lag. No problem with full-bodied games, in short, does everything well and has a satisfactory user experience.

Everything perfect, almost a dream for the price at which it is proposed K8 4G. The limit and there is also great (maybe not for everyone, perhaps solved). 8 GB of internal memory, 4.5 GB occupied by the system. There really is very little space for our favorite apps. No problem, you say, with Marshamallow’s shared memory with MicroSD. No, unfortunately LG did not integrate this function (only some app allows partial variation). The point is that, for a type of basic use, social and little else, 8 GB can be enough. If you want 2 or 3 more apps, memory low message will accompany you forever. Hopefully LG reintroduce the classic management of Marshamallow memory. Why limit a smartphone so successful?

Does not disappoint even the phone part, LG 4G K8 has a good enough reception, quite intense. The capsule quality is not fine but it’s still enjoyable conversation. Handsfree volume is remeber. A pleasure to write with the excellent LG keyboard.

LG K8 4G mounting an 8-megapixel camera with single LED flash. The camera management software is very clean and simple, maybe too much. The results provided in good light are almost amazing, good shutter speed and focus, discrete capture details, sufficient dynamic range and color reproduction quite accurate. The situation changes dramatically as soon as the light drops. You lose detail, images are mixed, and the focus can not be efficient at the first shot. Well the video recording in FullHD. Surprise the front camera 5 Megapixel able to give appreciable selfies with a good wide angle.

It is using LG K8 4G and one wonders, why only 8 GB of memory? The story revolves here, the only negative point of a device that always manages to surprise. Design of details, fantastic front with curved glass. complete software, rich, always fast, fluid and stable. rocky and most telephone autonomy. concrete display and good shots in sunlight close the circle.

True, very true, these damned 8 GB of internal memory might not be a limit for many people. If for you it is not, this LG K8 4G is taken without fuss. List Price 179 Euro, perhaps slightly swollen. Fortunately you can find LG K8 4G to about 144 euros, a price point much more in focus. Probably still will drop, perhaps to the point that the internal memory will no longer be a determining factor in purchasing.

LG K10 Review

LG K10 Review
LG K10 Review

LG K10 looks like a smartphone smart and compact design. Is absent any sort of valuable material, however the forms are beveled and touch & feel returned is with high levels. On the front there is a large glass panel that seems to wrap the back housing, by virtue of technology 2, 5 d Arc Glass, by which it was created.

Curved screen edges, just has a front-facing camera, various ambient light and proximity sensors and a speaker for audio input. Are absent the soft-keys: are replaced by classic Android screen buttons.

The back is separated from the front glass with a thin plastic Board and consists of a removable body to which has been applied a particular texture. Thanks to the latter and to rounded shapes, the grip is noteworthy. From the shell you can gain access to the battery and the only room for inserting a nano-SIM.

Find space, well received, a back camera with a LED flash mono-tone and, at the low end, a speaker audio. The latter, thanks to the rounded shapes of the K10, is not likely to be obstructed when the smartphone is resting on a flat surface, as is often the case with other models.

As has become standard practice, LG has entered the power button and the volume rocker on the back housing, next to the camera. With a terminal size after all contained as this, paradoxically, to reach those buttons found inconvenient.

For this reason the side frame remains essentially free, except for the bottom, which houses the micro USB 2.0, microphone 3.5 mm jack for voice and. At the top, a second microphone for noise cancellation.

Overall, the K10 is very compact and lightweight (142 grams), especially when compared to the top of the range of the moment. Is slightly thicker, though: 8.8 mm.

LG K10 comes with a 5.3-inch IPS good display with HD resolution (1280 × 720) and a pixel density of 277 ppi. Not one of the best displays in circulation as to definition, but does the same on his work.

The brightness is at a good level: in direct sunlight, the behavior is good, but you can’t say the same regarding the ambient light sensor, which is struggling in the transition from low light to the most “lit”.

However the viewing angle is good and black is very deep. Finally, we note that there is no entry settings that allows you to adjust the setting of the white.

LG K10 has two cameras: a 13 megapixel rear and a front-facing 5 megapixel camera. Both, unfortunately, mediocre, and you really have to be taking shots at the click to get sufficient results.

As regards the rear camera, in particular, behaves discreetly in well lit areas: details are captured well and light management is good. As for night shots, though, the flash does not perform its task. However the presence of digital noise is minimal.

Even the front camera can give its best at night: the photos are poorly defined and characterized by much ADO at the margins. LG has tried to address the lack of a flash front LED by software; that helps reduce the size of the preview taken leaving, on the sides of the screen, a large portion of white, which does, in fact, act as a flash. In good light situations, the results are sufficient.

The videos are the norm: LG Full HD 1080 p footage at 30 makes K10 fps, unfortunately without any kind of stabilization.

LG K10 comes out of the box with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop installed. This is not stock Android, but a customized version from LG but there is no distortion. We are witnessing, rather, a genuine revival graph: change virtually all the icons and style and toggle have been added on the home screen, quick shortcuts to particular setting items.

LG has submitted only one application owner with the task of facilitating the backup while the remainder relied entirely to Google suite, denying to LG K10 even a stock browser.

As for power, here is the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 410 1.2 GHz Quad Core Cortex-A53, with 1.5 GB of RAM to support. The ROM is expandable via microSD 16 GB, few but. It brings benefits.

The system is fluid and overall runs discreetly. The breaks are few and your RAM is handled well. Chrome and social handle well scrolling without too many uncertainties. With regard to heavy video games from the graphic point of view, the smartphone can run them without major problems if you give up the details.

Custom keyboard is noteworthy from LG which, although very small keys, succeeds perfectly in its intent.

As regards the experience called, is good as the receiving (comes in two versions, one of which LTE).

The battery has a capacity of 2300 mAh: the numbers seem against him but, as it turns out, the system is well optimized because it manages to get through the day without having to recharge.

LG K10 is a smartphone by the performance more than good that you keep in a price range palatable to most. Suffers from some defect for which cannot compete with the top of its range, but for those without too many pretensions can be an option to consider.

Finally the price: LG K10 is offered to € 229.90 but, not long after his release, are already available on the Web different offers, which can make it quite palatable.

LG 360 VR Review

LG Fiends for LG G5, not only modules. The manufacturer, so never pushed to the future, proposes a VR solution for its G5. LG 360 VR is a system for the virtual reality different from the other simple market proposals. Glasses to see a new world.

lg 360 vr

Young, fresh and colorful. LG offers an interesting and complete box for his VR system. Besides the classic warranty and manuals, you can find:

  • LG 360 VR
  • custody
  • darkening mask
  • lens cloth

This is not a classic economic viewer, rides in a smartphone. LG 360 VR is a different solution, it is fair to give a look at the specifications. Here are the technical specifications of LG 360 VR:

  • Dimensions 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
  • Weight 134g (including darkening mask)
  • IPS display dual screen 1.88 “, 960 × 720 pixels, 639PPI, 60Hz refresh
    field of view 80 ° (horizontal)
  • Slow pupillary distance adjustment and focus
  • Connection 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, USB cable type-C
  • Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyroscope
  • physical buttons for confirmation and back
  • LG G5 compatibility

Glasses from the future. LG has come up with a much simpler and more natural solution than a traditional display. LG 360 VR are the glasses and should be worn as such. Choosing LG is a winner, 360 VR is a really handy gadget to use even for long sessions (hardly leave signs of use on the face) .The materials are lightweight, no metal section, the focus was to polycarbonate and the rubber to reduce the weight and be heard less while watching. The design knows very futuristic, lines are sweet, curves but also decisive and full of character.

No, LG G5 should not be inserted anywhere. Simple, just download the app 360 VR G5, connect it with the Type-C USB cable and you’re done. The viewer will start working once worn (thanks to proximity sensor). The first configuration is simple, the viewer will help you to adjust the focus of the lens and will cover the basic commands to move around in the interface (using physical keys or tap on LG G5).

Via the “Recent” tab you can view our memories, photographs, videos and elements 360 stored in the G5 gallery. “Channels VR” presents some showcase movies at 360 degrees of various kinds (adventure, horror, shows, cities and experiences). The channels in Italy are only two, and Jaunt EpiqVR. Jaunt has a fairly extensive catalog of good quality, EpiqVR often does not work, it drops the connection to the server and is slow, too. In the “Applications” you can find the settings for the viewer, the ability to change the Home, the tutorial and a few days ago, finally App.

Indeed a duty on applications, can only be downloaded via the App 360 VR, not from Playstore. No app from Playstore is compatible with LG 360 VR. A big problem, given that in recent weeks have been made available to download only two applications. A small game Bowling and a sort of aquarium of dubious utility. Everything is in the hands of LG.

Well, there is confidence in the virtual reality designed by LG, but how you feel immersed in this world? Much! Thanks to two 1.88-inch IPS display (960 × 720 pixels, 639PPI, 60Hz refresh) the viewing quality is very good, there is a satisfactory brightness, a reproduction of natural colors and a whole through the field of view of about 80 °, the sense of immersion is guaranteed. Use LG 360 VR in full light offrecompletamente not immersed in the world of LG optimal experience, there is the light that enters (also with the obscuration mask mounted). Use it in the dark or in a room with low light, returns the best experience, especially when used with a pair of headphones to also take advantage of the support for 3D audio. Glasses little tired and fortunately do not cause dizziness, this LG solution seems to have put all agree.

LG 360 VR is the Friends perfect for use with G5 to enter a different world. Brilliant the choice to change the form factor of these viewers, LG 360 VR are unable to use for quite some time without difficulty. Immersed in the LG virtual reality, you are really good, everything is defined and from the actual colors due to the dual high-density pixel IPS display. To review the decision not to make compatible apps of PlayStore.

Everything is in the hands of LG, there is need for development, the hardware potential is there. The number of available applications must be at least tripled. LG VR 360 at the time, does little but it does tremendously well.

Little to much. LG VR 360 has a list price that is hot, well 279 Euro. Fortunately, online you can find a lower price of fifty euro. If you have a LG G5 and look for the best VR solution for your device, this Friends for you. There is no other choice.