Elephone W2 Review

Elephone W2 Review
Elephone W2 Review

There are the smartwatch and then there’s Elephone W2. It is a so-called connected watch, in effect a clock behind which lurk but useful features “smart” which perfectly represent the Union between analogue and digital. In this case, Elephone W2 is a successful combination of the two companies, offered at a competitive price on Gearbest, at € 75 about.


The elegant package reads the keywords of this smartwatch, i.e. minimalism and discover life smart: how to change the everyday wearing technology and not just using it? Elephone W2 delivers on its promises from the unboxing: the box contains one dial from 41 mm in diameter, the strap to fit, two batteries and a specific screwdriver.

Its design has nothing to envy to many mid-range analog clocks: the large dial recalls the similar product of Daniel Wellington, transmitting thus elegance and trend at first glance. Is made of Sapphire Crystal, with Swiss movement Ronda 762. The case is lined with hardened stainless steel of 40% (for added strength), with a thickness of 10 mm and is available in steel and champagne while the strap is made of black Italian leather with a fantasy kevlar.

All this translates into high quality materials and, therefore, in a nice visual and sensory sensation while you are wearing it. Also water resistant up to 30 m W2 is Elephone.

Smart features

After it is assembled with very simple (no need to remove the screws and you already have a battery inside), for Android users can browse the small booklet and scan the QR code to download the application: for the iOS version, you must search for it and download it directly from the App Store. Bad news, however, for devices from Microsoft: the app seems not yet available for Windows phones.

The intelligence of Elephone W2 is about 4.0 and Bluetooth connected app, which allows a battery longevity beyond all expectations and any other competing device, that is three months. After all, when you buy a watch, it is expected that the main feature of the device is that you can see now, Elephone has managed to keep intact its primary function, no digitize it.

The producer then tried to enter basic options, the first ones that come to mind when discussing smartwatch: synchronizing your device with your app you have a pedometer that, in addition to visualize the steps completed, also shows the equivalent in distance travelled and calories burned; sleep monitoring and its stages, remote control of the camera, a reminder to a sedentary lifestyle, an alarm clock and receive notice call and SMS.

App and usability

The application is essential in both appearance and function. The data collected by sleep and steps are displayed on a daily, monthly and yearly and, once associated with the devices, you can indicate your height, weight, age, sex, and the goals you want to achieve in terms of fitness.

This step is very useful for those who want to take account of its progress “with discretion”; by pressing one of two buttons embedded in the case of Elephone W2 (the bottom one), you can monitor the amount of steps carried out at any time.

In quadrant are present, in addition to the hands, even the tiny multicolored LEDs that report is receiving a call, both the progress: just press the button to get an approximation of the steps taken during the day without necessarily access the app and synchronize it.

In addition to a discrete signal, there is a very slight vibration, perhaps too much –: Elephone W2 alerts the wearer in the event of failure to an incoming call within seconds that the user will be able to establish through application settings. The device vibrates even if you receive text messages, as mentioned, a function maybe obsolete given the progressive disappearance of the same. The vibration does not change nor the intensity, or duration according to various functions that use it. This aspect of the W2 divides the opinion that they can have: when you don’t have your own smartphone on hand because of a meeting, for example, the discretion of the notification is elegant and functional, as well as similarly notice of sedentary lifestyle (even this feature, accessible from the settings according to your preferences); Instead, if you wish to schedule a morning alarm, it is very difficult to feel the vibration of the smartwatch.

As anticipated, the app also includes remote control of the camera shutter, but the app seems a little too basic.

Finally, there is also the option settings phone finder index, which unfortunately does not seem to be currently active.

The Elephone W2 is a beautiful attempt by the Chinese manufacturer to combine analogue without sacrificing the smart and vice versa: the design is perfectly in line with modern standards in the world of clocks and the choice of materials seems apt for a user skeptical of the smartwatch and their charging needed after three days of use

Is the right device for those who want to opt for a simple reporting of important notifications and have the basic functions for monitoring your fitness. In contrast, the options in the Elephone W2 can certainly be sparse for more experienced users.

Objectively, the app has no obvious bugs or crashes and is stable in connection, however can be improved: it would be very useful, for example, you can use your favorite app to take photos and not be forced to use the function.

The vibration disappoints a bit: it would suffice to insert in the settings a margin of duration and intensity to leave the user free to set it to your liking, according to the notification priority.

Ultimately Elephone W2 is the smartwatch of choice for those who are not yet ready to give up the clock, but would like to try the most essential features smart wearable devices. Aided by the low price for both quality components, both for the mind “smart”, the W2 is the smartwatch entry-level to consider when buying a first wearable.

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