HP Envy 15 (2015) Review

Aesthetically, HP Envy has, at least in part, the presence of high-quality materials: all the notebook is made of aluminum, except the plastic support. Despite its rounded design on the sides and wrapping, is not one of the smallest notebook in circulation and the weight is average: 2.5 Kg.

HP Envy 15, also because of its generous dimensions, it houses several ports to communicate to the outside. Well 4 port USB 3.0 arranged on the sides, Ethernet port, HDMI port, SD slot and 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the right side there is, in addition, a CD/DVD of which, objectively, now we can do without.

On the front is a great keyboard which includes the numeric keypad. The keyboard, all in all, it is really valid: the keys are well spaced out, is a little noisy and with a great answer. The only flaw seems to be the backlight, non-adjustable with precision.

Medium sized trackpad is cashed. However there doesn’t seem to be one of the best: both in the execution of simple gesture like scrolling a web page, either in the execution of more complex gesture that require the help of three or even four fingers, the trackpad doesn’t behave at best. In most cases, unfortunately, the gesture are not recognized. In the same area there is also a fingerprint sensor.

HP Envy 15 offers a large display IPS from 2015 “with Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080). In terms of resolutions is, without doubt, a great display, but not in line with the competition and, most importantly, the price at which it is proposed to market your notebook.

Objectively, the pixels are seen: this is not a Retina Display a MacBook Pro from Apple, or a display shortly handsome but, given the target price with which it is proposed the notebook, we expected something more.

The Panel, moreover, provides an important shielding anti-glare who succeeds perfectly in his intentions. However the viewing angle is very broad: there is a clear loss of rendition. Also regarding the brightness, HP Envy doesn’t seem to behave too well: not too high, probably because of the introduction of an all-too-anti-glare Panel.

In terms of hardware, HP Envy 15 can be placed in a medium-high but, certainly, it is not a top of the range.

The processor used in the model under test is a Dual Core Intel Core i7-5500U. Comes with a NVIDIA GTX 950 m and 16 GB RAM (standard and non-expandable).

Too bad for the hard drive 5400 rpm, a model from 1 TB is not in line with the rest of the hardware offered – having its slowness – and, above all, with the price at which it is proposed the notebook.

The tests carried out have seen HP Envy rather than 2015 involved intensive gaming or whatever, in days of work/study which characterize a use that could be called medium, and only in a few moments. Document management applications have been used, for taking notes, applications for processing PDF and PPT files. Of course also used for browsing the net, while remaining connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Overall, we can say that it never missed a beat in everyday use. It was found bizarrely inefficient until first configuration: upon insertion of the various user account configuration data, the notebook is inexplicably blocked several times, forcing a reboot.

The short test gaming sessions saw the use of video games do not particularly challenging but even mini-games. Anyway the Envy 15 has stood without any effort. With a little patience in the configuration and preparation at the sacrifice of some graphic details, even the latest headlines could be fluid and sliding on this notebook, but fans will certainly be disappointed.

Always remaining in the hardware side, in terms of multimedia, is a bomb. Is nothing short of exceptional handling the audio: speaking, specifically, of four speakers (stereo) and a subwoofer that promise and provide a rich user experience, in terms of audio, amazing. The credit goes, no doubt, even in Bang Olufsen, software configuration, and with regard to this aspect, replaced Beats Audio than previous models.

During first startup and configuration, we are faced with Windows 8.1 installed on board. The system is upgradeable to Windows 10 in a manner entirely free. Overall, runs very well. Hardly any slackening, sporadic situations of freezing, boot times really insignificant.

As regards autonomy, HP Envy 15 seems to be average despite expected more from a laptop like that. Compared to the previous model, the battery capacity has decreased slightly, but overall autonomy does not seem to have suffered much. My tests, the notebook is turned off after 5 hours of use not intense, but there are some details to consider. First, the brightness of the screen has always been tops. Then the keypad has remained active and connected a external hard drive for data transfer. Therefore, with some more tricks, you are unable to arrive at total 7 hours of use.

In light of the above, the note really sore appears to be the price: the price of HP offers the Envy 15 to € 1199 in its basic configuration (15 “). The price is very high and probably even above-calculated. Moreover, there are different offerings scattered throughout the network.

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