HP Envy 8 Note Review

Let’s talk about Windows tablet with this new evidence, a very interesting test, not only because it allowed us to get their hands on a product not yet available on the Italian market but also because it provides us with a new and even “unprecedented hardware platform” in our evidence.

The new HP Envy 8 notes, in fact, uses the latest Intel Atom X5 hardware platform that improves particularly on the graphic side which was then the sore spot of the old generation of Intel processors always Z3000 series quad core.

It is a really interesting tablet also for its allocation of an integrated Wacom digitizer, which makes the device quite interesting as a new generation notebook that will give its best in combination with Microsoft OneNote. But let’s take a quick look before starting the device.

The device is characterized by an 8-inch screen with Full HD resolution. The specifications really include much stuff inside. While the usual Windows sin tab in some respects than Android models, here we have it all.

HP Envy 8 Notes has GPS, 4G and sensors of all kinds that are directly integrated on board. The hardware platform is the prerogative of Intel with its Atom fanless latest generation. Everything is integrated onboard, is the 2 GB of RAM 32 GB of expandable internal eMMC storage via microSD. The budget also includes 250 MB of 3G data traffic per month for two years.

Nice but very particular, it does not seem a product of the Envy series. This is the first impression that comes to mind when you see this tablet. It is a device with a design outside the box and he does not remember any competitive device.

However, the form size is a bit ‘out of time. A device that is not exactly the best of usability as it has been designed although the excellent materials and flawless solid construction and that it sends a premium.

The weight of this HP Envy 8 Notes is particularly good, just over 350 grams for a tablet still very portable and you can carry it without any problem. A certainly a bit ‘Young produced for its colors but when you look at the integrated Bluetooth keyboard detaches really much. Aluminum and silver, and the combination of blue, matt and glossy black is white really do not much but these are also very personal tastes.

Excellent in this regard the Bluetooth keyboard included in our offer, with a feedback of the keys really good and that is the envy of even the keyboards of some larger notebooks. The dimensions are in fact slightly lower than those of a standard keyboard.

Obviously not miss that lag typical of Bluetooth keyboards that go into stand-by. Excellent but autonomy but is actually an issue to consider is to recharge the keyboard. Bad touchpad, slow and does not support gestures, perhaps it would be better not to add at all.

The strong point of this HP Envy Notes 8 is the display. Excellent quality, good brightness of this IPS LCD panel that HP has decided to integrate on board of this device. Although some weaknesses we found it. Excellent color rendering of the panel, good color fidelity to reality. The panel is of good quality in all senses also for its high density of pixels per inch that thanks to Full HD resolution and 8-inch panel stood at high levels.

Conversely we can say is that it is not the best choice for this HP Envy 8 notes as a tablet. In fact, the aspect ratio is not really the best for a small Windows tablet. In fact, the interface does not fit in the best with these small widescreen dimensions.

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