HP Pro Tablet 608 Review

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Another tablet Windows in our tests. It is a product Business in this case then certainly less accessible to the public consumer who maybe are reading this review but which can help everyone to choose the right product.

It is a device of the latest generation, HP Pro Tablet 608 is his name. A full tablet again of all, so many are the sensors on board and that often the Windows tablets of competition will not fit.

We will see then how it behaves compared to other HP solutions we could review recently and which are also very similar at the front of technical equipment and possibilities. But before leaving here is a little detail on the device and its best offers:

As we already mentioned in the introduction to this review, this tablet really has a very complete equipment that consists of a series of sensors that complement your tablet and would equate to other Android devices competition.

Even on this model indeed does lack GPS sensor, 4 g connectivity along with the usual connections available on a tablet of the latest generation. We also have a USB Type-C on the bottom of the tablet with a rapid recharge adapter to 3A.

Lacks a standard-size USB port or an adaptor that allows us to access it. On a Windows tablet this lack is felt more than others. Absent even a dedicated video output while not missing the audio jack and a proprietary dock connector for a variety of business accessories.

This is a design already seen on our pages, having already tried a few months ago the Pro Slate 8 HP always representing the Android version of this device that brings architectural differences anyway.

We therefore in principle what has already been said good about this type of chassis. This is a great choice that can enclose in very thin and compact design everything with a form factor very well usable in terms of ergonomics.

We therefore once again two large grills for two small front speakers and a chrome surround that very well with this new tablet that’s coloring became a little darker than the twin brother.

Weights though, this HP Pro Tablet 608 in fact takes up about 70 grams probably due primarily to a different processor architecture and an integrated 4 g modem that still needs his space.

In terms of temperatures the tablet gets quite hot when in use (especially if used while in Office) but still never becomes hot. We think it’s better this way than having an even more aggressive than throttling.

The display seems to be the same model units Android already tried. Great colors, great IPS technology used, indeed an noteworthy Panel this price range to which this device is offered to the market.

These dimensions are in fact much better than a classic notebook for your notes, far better than does the HP Envy 8 Notes that in spite of everything puts first the ability to write with the excellent Wacom pen.

And just FYI, provided we got a really big pen, in natural size, we could say, that works with the digitizer integrated on board but that turns out to be really poor when compared with the competition by Surface or Envy with the Wacom.

This in fact turns out to be very fluid and pretty accurate but it does not always work and the pen is not always detected if it is not perpendicular to the screen. Finally we noticed that sometimes stops responding after you restart the device (hopefully it’s only a software issue).

But returning to the display, the resolution to 2048 x 1536 is Full HD + edge pixels, the same as iPad Mini Retina to give you an idea. The Panel also has a glass with a reflectivity below the market average and that makes annoying many competing products.

The performance of this device are not bad at all. The processor is a low end SKUS Atom low-power quad core and low heat output even if this is not the first characteristic that is felt.

Performance level we can see that the eMMC memory is not particularly fast, indeed ranks behind devices of the same company and based on an equivalent platform and indeed even cheaper retail price level.

Apart from that the processor and graphics solution are anyway more than discreet and for a tablet of this magnitude is not that we can ask for much more. As you will appreciate firsthand, some tests allow us to see a difference not too marked with fifth-generation Core M solutions.

Compared to a sixth-generation Core solution the difference is huge, both on the chart on the computational “pure” so to speak. Pure benchmarks in this respect we show a difference of 50% less than the Core M.

Good the autonomy of this device. According to our tests the tablet respects and transcends what is autonomy declared by this device, approximately 6 hours from HP official spec sheet for this HP Pro Tablet 608.

The average distance is around 7 hours of use under WiFi network thanks to the large capacity battery that came with 2 cells. Minimum autonomy that we encountered during our tests still don’t fell way below the 6 hours.

We would obviously like a range a little firmer but in general we can say that for an 8 inch can be up to 9 hours of battery life with a navigational use web a little lighter is really interesting for a Windows product with Intel platform.

The camera system is not bad at all, it is a pair of sensors one by 8 MP on the back and a Full HD on the front that still manage to ensure good performance for photographic use for which they are intended.

Very good the double microphone on Board that allows us to have a recorded audio in call very clean also for any future implementations of phone calls on Windows 10 4 g module on board.

The software is Windows 64 bit full 10 Pro, the new OS is perfectly suited to small screens 4:3 without major problems to UI as on devices with narrower aspect ratio (16:9 or 16:10).

The operating system manages to move very smoothly without major problems and without having moments of crisis if not some lag if we are going to squeeze a little bit more what are the qualities of multitasking environment.


A tablet which surprised us compared with other Atom solution we tried very recently, but he also, at the same time, disappointed in other ways that we analyzed in this review.

We have a perfect screen for a device that is compatible with the pen but at the same time adopt a solution for the digitizer only just mediocre and that does not reach the quality of the main competitors in the slightest.

On the other hand, we have a list of prices very close to that of iPad Mini but overpowered at every opportunity, especially if we get to the many and interesting accessories available through the dock port on the left side of the device that will really make a difference to business users.

Important though this review of HP Pro Tablet 608 because it made us appreciate the potential of the new Intel Atom series that does not improve performance compared to the previous one too but that perfect balance between processor and graphics component.

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