HTC 10 Review

Without doubt one of the most anticipated, this HTC 10 comes after a difficult year for the Taiwanese and is ready to debut on the market in a big way. The slogan quotes: “We are redefining the high-end phone concept”, and in fact does not seem to be minded to expenses for the construction of the new top range, one of the most expensive and comprehensive on the market.

Forget the compromises, the ’10’ do not seem to be there and just the quality of its materials is confirmed for HTC one of the many strengths. The only downside, if you can call it, is the slightly protruding rear optics, but it comes to fractions of mm that do not change the substance. The body is elegant, from the right sense of rigidity and is comfortable to hold in hand.

A smartphone that improves ergonomics thanks to the tapering metal that runs along the perimeter, a pleasant choice in key design. I was fortunate in being able to test this color Carbon Grey, perhaps the sexiest of the three. If the back cover and profile are so attractive for me, I can not say the same front end. Maybe it’s the extreme resemblance to the A9 Front which brings me to such a reference, not for negative force. The lateral black frame is slightly wider than that of M9, but is missing the upper band and the lower.

The Quad HD has now become almost a standard, some producers resist the FHD and one wonders what the real benefits in terms of energy savings. However, the 5.2-inch 10 is mounted on a nice Super LCD5, very bright and can offer excellent visibility even outdoors

The possibility of choosing between the two profiles do not change the substance, the panel is of excellent quality and also ensures good daylighting. Put alongside M9 however known that HTC has some nits left on the street … There is no automatic adjustment in rapid Toggle in the notification center, we find them only the cursor, to put the check you have to go into the settings, how about A9. Why would HTC?

Snapdragon 820 does not disappoint in this case and provides a top-level hardware sector: Cat 9 LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.2, and even support for Airplay which we will test on another occasion.

4GB of RAM is almost never saturate and play is more than a pleasure on this HTC 10, although I typically used with the more challenging title, Modern Combat 5 and in FHD mode, thus saving on the battery. No problem then for the Adreno 530 on the video playback in high definition.

Even this top range has a 3000mAh battery, and those expecting miracles will have to look elsewhere. But be careful, because from my experience of use I noticed a range slightly greater than S7 and G5, which means that you will be able to safely handle a typical day into the evening with music playback, web browsing, many messages through the IM App and gaming.

I noticed that the camera often appears between modules / App which consume more, but I’m very accustomed to user photos and often abuse, however be aware that the rescue is rapid charging Quick Charge 3.0 and 30 minutes takes you from 0 to 50%.

As also called for Galaxy S7 and LG G5, under a real stress is almost impossible to arrive at night. The day when I was at Monaco and recorded the demo video I unplugged the smartphone from the cable to the 6 o’clock and at 17 went off, with 4 hours and 15 minutes of screen turned on. A borderline case, in which I used the terminal abnormally, as often happens to many travelers.

Let’s start talking about the front camera, because the step forward over its predecessor is truly remarkable. The 5 MP image sensor snaps excellent photos, boasts bright lens (f1.8) that helps to sunset and video FHD assures high quality.

Yes, because all we have to dress the optical stabilizer, a plus compared to all the competition that gives a nod to YouTubers, vloggers and all those who are to recover mobility.

I wish I could talk more in depth of Sense 8.0, but the truth is that HTC has kept some of the things already seen in previous versions and cast the rest with stock Android. If it were not for the Blinkfeed and graphics settings I could think calmly as a 10 Google Play Edition.

Disappearance choosing the type of multitasking, the same applies for quick toggle of Sense, the graphics is that stock. Remain the navigation options in the drawer. Again there Boost +, a section that allows us to optimize energy consumption and memory, with a recap and useful tools: as soon as we install a game, for example, Boost + prompts us to make the downscaling to fullHD to save battery .

We can choose themes with extreme customization and free arrangement of icons, not particularly useful for those who must go to the point and want a bit ‘of order, no doubt entertaining and enjoyable for others. To tell you the truth I miss a Sense more invasive.


10 HTC proves a worthy evolution of HTC style, perfect for those who loved sotituto M7 and an excellent compromise between M9 and A9. Hardly give up anything, it has all the features of the latest generation, is not waterproof but it’s still a great product. As with all top range seen to date, autonomy is still unable to provide an usage really no thoughts but we are still at levels slightly higher than direct competitors.

HTC choose 10 today than alternatives Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony and so is definitely not un’azzardo but it will cost a few euros more Although the 749 € list price is comparable to the price lists of S7, G5, etc., the ” devaluation “of the Taiwanese smartphone is much slower and probably 100/150 € difference will always be present even in the online store once the official distribution began.

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