HTC One A9 Review

Aesthetically, HTC One A9 is a smartphone very soft lines and consists of fine materials. The glass panel covers a large 5 “that surrounds a satin aluminum unibody, which provides an overall sense of strength accompanied by a decent grip.

7.2 mm thick and weighing only 143 grams, HTC A9 doesn’t give practical problems in everyday use, although the screen-to-body ratio is not the best.

The brushed aluminum back surface gives way to more polished surfaces on the edges. In the right side houses the volume rocker and the button to switch on and off. The latter presents an important checkering that is particularly useful to locate it quickly.

The top has a large antenna, while the lower part includes a micro USB port 2.0, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a speaker and a microphone. Not least the left side where you can see two removable trays: one to be equipped with micro SD, the other with nano SIM. The micro SD, among other things, can be used as main memory.

On the front of the Terminal, fingerprint sensor is visible at the bottom, while front-facing camera, RGB LEDs for notifications, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and a great speaker are on the high side.

Overall, from a purely aesthetic point of view, is undoubtedly beautiful but all too similar to iPhone 6S, hence clearly an inspiration for many items. On the other hand, does not have the same attention to detail.

The display of HTC One A9 is a 5 ‘ AMOLED with Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080) to 441 ppi. Is a good display as for resolution, then. Also performs very well under sunlight. Black people, then, are very deep. In contrast colors tend toward enough cool shades.

Shame about the viewing angle, not the best: especially the colors are altered by tilting the display.

The front camera is from 4 megapixels, without flash, while the rear, 12 megapixel camera comes with a dual-tone LED flash.

The shots that you get from your camera back are really very good, both in good light, both at night: are well defined and evenly lit, without streaks or shadows. Very good low light noise management, extraordinarily almost absent.

The camera function is remarkable: HTC A9 manages to record videos up to 1080 p with a good definition and crisp and clean. The introduction of the Hiperlapse mode, which lets you speed up the video at up to 12 x.

The A9 comes out of the box with Android 6.0 custom Marshmallow as usual by HTC with its interface Sense 7. Compared to UI created by other brands, HTC has the advantage of not duplicating the functions of Android, avoiding the confusion that you may have about other devices. Even the GUI is not disrupted.

The user experience is unchanged compared to previous iterations, and there are few specialized applications that HTC has decided to carry on its A9. But there are some pleasant news. It’s definitely appreciated the Store which offers a wide range of topics, the application for video editing, Video Editor Zoe, and the inevitable customizable feeds.

HTC A9 is driven by a good hardware sector. The Snapdragon chipset 64-bit 617 octa core is divided between a quad core 1.5 GHz and a quad core Cortex A53 from Cortex A53 from 1.2 GHz, supported by a GPU Adreno 405 2 GB of RAM and.

The results offered by benchmark does not rank among the top of the range of the moment HTC A9. However, it is obvious that this is a smartphone with excellent performance. Under the veil of Sense 7, Marshmallow works discreetly: sporadic delays and small slowdowns occur randomly, but on balance do not affect much the final experience. Any application runs best: from social to more professional app until you get video games with heavy graphics, everything runs perfectly.

Good also the fingerprint sensor offered by HTC: the fingerprint is precise and effective, as well as scanning in memorization. Perhaps, he would have done better as far as speed in the scan, but it is a detail which can be underestimated.

Also experience in call is good: the extra loud even without turning on speakerphone. It should be noted that the One A9 has a really efficient LTE module.

Finally, the battery. It has a capacity of 2150 mAh, which, on paper, it seems a value that is not too high. Still, this smartphone quietly manages to bring the average user at the end of the day, thanks to software optimization performed by the manufacturer.

HTC One A9 is a smartphone positioned at the high end of the market, as evidenced by its price. In fact, he doesn’t lack practically nothing to aspire to the most prestigious segment, however does not seem to reach the truly top of the line.

The look and feel is great. However, choosing a design similar to the iPhone 6 reflect a crisis of ideas that plagues taiwanese manufacturer for some time now. Still, much good work has been done in recent years, especially at the interface (HTC Sense UI remains one of the best ever), inducing to think that it would be enough just to revive the historic brand in the mobile landscape.

Finally, the real Achilles ‘ heel, the price. € 649 are far too many for a Terminal, Yes, good, but not great. Fortunately there are already many offers on the net that offer HTC A9 at a reduced price compared to the list price.

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