HTC One M9 Review

A unique metallic body, stands out for its exquisite finishes two-tone with ergonomically beveled edges that conform to your hand without effort. The HTC One M9 combines the best of the previous models in an iconic design. With internal components stacked to keep a compact size, the dazzling design of HTC One M9 integrates a 5 ” screen that fits in your hand with ease. The camera of Sapphire Crystal lens provides long-lasting protection anti scratches for a long life. Currently available in three sharp colors, all with a shiny appearance in two shades: Gold on gold, gold on silver and gray on gray.

HTC One M9
HTC One M9 Review

The HTC One M9 offers more customizable options than ever. My HTC themes integrated application can change the design of your phone using your favorite photo or even an image that you download. Control everything: from the shape and the size of your icons, tone call and even the wallpaper on your phone. A widget on the home screen automatically detects your location and offers applications based on a combination of your location and your use preferences. The HTC One M9 includes a version of enhanced BlinkFeed, offering recommendations and links based on your location. You will receive suggestions to eat in your area, wherever you are.

20 MP main camera and front camera UltraPixel provides an experience of image like never before. Eye Experience technology allows you to create screenshots divided, making self-portrait by voice, apply makeup live and much more. In addition, you can combine your photos and videos with friends to form images from various points of view with the Zoe application. The HTC One M9 has a front-facing camera integrated with UltraPixel technology to capture more light and make portraits incredibly detailed, both day and night. Its wide-angle lens is designed to capture a field of view greater so that you can include to all your friends in each photo.

The HTC One M9 has very intuitive Gallery One function that brings your photos and videos with a simple organization and search controls. You can search images stored locally, as well as photos and videos on social networks and the cloud. Keep everything within reach with a couple of clicks thanks to the Gallery One of the HTC One M9.

In partnership with Dolby, HTC One M9 recreates the 5.1 surround sound effect to offer real sound and enjoy cinema experience. HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio provides a sound optimized, even from sources like YouTube multi-channel online. HTC BoomSound Connect allows you to stream any music or video from HTC One M9 to stereo-compatible devices, only to slide three fingers for the main screen. Even you can transmit different music to several speakers at the same time, for use as a portable remote control only. The HTC One M9 offers a 24-bit support, so you can enjoy your music with better quality than on a CD.

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