Huawei P10 Review

Huawei and the Mobile World Congress, a combination ever so strong. The presentation opens with a colossal 2017, the succulent dish is the new generation of p. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are reality, ready to sell millions and millions of units worldwide. A future judgment, Huawei will manage to achieve great goals. Huawei P10 is a solid confirmation. A small step forward from a technical, one giant leap for the perception of the brand. At the Mobile World Congress 2017, Huawei P10 was Prime protagonist.

Unboxing Huawei secured for film, Oscar. The two sections are opened slowly, showing little by little the P10, ready to be used. Aside from the boring manuals, Huawei pushes a quick charger, usb cable type c, standard headphones and a welcome rigid cover. OK unboxing spectacular. Via the boxes, now is the time to Huawei P10. Huawei playing at home, the processor is the Kirin 960 supported by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory expandable well. Leica and its lenses are always present with one bedroom 12 Megapixels RGB + 20 Megapixels B&W.

That building! The manufacturer has impeccably assembled this P10. Will take only handle in your hand like a Huawei P10 SOAP, just to observe it. The design is very simple, all lines are rounded, soft and pleasant to the outlet. Rest assured, will not slip.

The brushed aluminum body is solid, durable and stylish. Details make the difference. The power button from the rough texture is enhanced by a red outline damn sexy. The front is covered with a glass 2.5 D Gorilla Glass 5, maybe holds too fingerprints. Nice design and useful the senses deceive, that the front is not the classic physical key with fingerprint sensor. Huawei P10 does not interrupt the sweet texture of glass, simply drown the silhouette of a home button and makes it able to recognize fingerprints. Huawei tradition, biometric recognition is a breeze. Not only that, through that “fake home button” you can check out the interface through gestures.

Huawei didn’t revolutionize the form factor of its device, P10 improves in small useful aspects to the newspaper. No boss for the dual camera, the audio jack on the bottom, the power button by click Rocky and the fingerprint sensor on the front, all embellished with a soft and ergonomic design.

No diagonal extreme and insane resolutions, Huawei does conservative choices for P10, for everything else there is version P10 Plus. 5.1 “are the perfect compromise for convenient portability and sufficient work surface. The IPS protected by Gorilla Glass very intense and brilliant colors 5, maintaining always a nice naturalness. The maximum brightness is more than enough for a view under direct sunlight, very clean white interface helps considerably. Note for very deep dark shades can make you enjoy watching any type of content. If the display is good, the little speaker on the back. Let me be clear, nothing dramatic. The audio quality is the norm, there is no predisposition, a balanced audio stream. The volume is also overblown, but sound at its best is canned. Fortunately, Huawei has not deleted the jack.

The premise is mandatory, the software of this Huawei P10 is not definitive. There is still time to market and Huawei is working on software, they’re here for updates. In any case, Android 7.0 Nougat, EMUI 5.1 and Machine Learning. Huawei has stated that the new EMUI 5.1 will be able to automatically learn the P10 usage habits to make it future-proof, this device will be performing as the first day even after many years. The new EMUI has no more secrets, this version 5.1 repositions some menu and change some finesse. Always present some key feature of Huawei, Intelligent Assistance section is always well stocked with knuckle shots, quick controls and hand gestures with the fingerprint sensor. Android is a Nougat 5.1 7.0 but the emui lightning! plus P10 superbly managing notifications and the ability to use multitasking quickly and also in double window. The software will also not definitive but that Huawei P10 is a sliver. The fluidity of the system is at the highest level, everything works flawlessly. Each application opens in a meteoric, 4 GB of RAM is great and even extreme gaming sessions that P10 did not lose a frame. The merit is homemade processor 960 Kirin, a real monster.

Huawei is serious regarding network management this P10. Apart from the distinction of being the world’s first smartphone 4.5 G, Huawei P10 has a tremendous reception thanks to a powerful four antennas cleverly hidden. The quality in capsule is clean and pleasant. Simply put, if you want a smartphone that does its duty by phone, this is it.

Leica deals with the photographic section of Huawei P10. Ben 20 Megapixels B&W + 12 Megapixels RGB, f 2.2, OIS, LaserAF, Dual Led Flash Tone. OK, what is the dual of Huawei P10?

Catch more details, information and light
Black and white shots natives
Post-focus shot with bokeh effect

We start from the point number 3, the famous bokeh effect. The mode must be selected before a shot but you can see what will be blurred by using live view. Simply set the desired aperture and capture the image. Once in the tunnel you can change the focus and readjust the aperture. the result? Very good especially in Portrait mode, the dual of Huawei P10 captures well the depth information is accurate at critical points. Fun and function in perfect condition even surprising.

Point number 2, black and white shots. Not much to say, in 20 Megapixel sensor has been removed the Bayer filter (a few words, what catches the color information), this camera can only shoot in black and white. Some will ask the meaning of this move, you can’t just apply a filter in post-production? Yes, true but the yield is not the same as a shot. Huawei P10 will be the perfect device for those who love this branch of photography.

Leica has done some important work

The most important aspect of this dual camera P10, 1 point. The two cameras working at the same time, thanks to two sensors Huawei P10 manages to capture more light, more details and more information taken. By day the photographs are full of detail, always well balanced white and with a definite exposure level. The color reproduction is very loyal. Same feedback even for photographs in low light, obviously there is a capture of the lower notes and a tendency to reduce video noise going to knead it a bit. Videos are shot at full resolution 4 k, are valid but there is to sharpen the stabilization (the software is not final), very good over the audio recording audio captured. Leica also optimizes the 8 Megapixel front-facing room f 1.9, the results are evident. If you love selfie, Huawei p10 is a compelling choice.

Huawei has the merit of having entered into a body so thin a 3200 mAh battery. His behavior is concrete. Sure, you get the sense that could give more but even in this case, the software is not definitive. In any case, Huawei P10 manage to conclude a day of use without any major problems. Future software updates might make him a champion of autonomy. Huawei does not alter its strategy, refine your technique and aim high. Huawei P10 is not designed to scream to the miracle, the Colossus he created a smartphone on precise measurement of user. The design is pleasing beyond belief, when get P10 from table only to guardarloIl better experience Huawei with P10 means that the design is the right one, there is pleasure in touching detail Huawei. The software is simple, clean and safe, without losing its fun side with themes and many customizations. Leica continues his work of designing a small pocket-sized photography studio, from the photographic point of view P10 does not disappoint. Huawei pushes the best of its know-how regarding the networks, P10 is the best “simple” phone out there.

Huawei P10 price list price, rooms hot 679 Euros. Always less than the competitors, perhaps for a solid confirmation is a long time. Clear, Huawei shall delegate his task of absolute flagship in P10 Plus, a device much more focus on paper. The difference in price between P10 and P10 Plus clarify strategy of Huawei. Huawei P10 is seen as rational choice for those seeking safety in daily life, for who really uses a smartphone, for those who don’t do you sweeten by specific mind-boggling. For everything else, Huawei P10 Plus is around the corner.

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