iCloud Drive on iOS 8

A malfunction of iOS 8 would cause unpleasantness for Apple users. Apparently, in fact, by selecting the options for restoring an iDevice you also delete your personal files from iCloud Drive. It is not yet known, however, for this to happen.

The issue has emerged on the official Apple support forums, when someone reported the mistaken deletion of your personal files from iCloud Drive. As several readers have made a test to see if the malfunction was indeed exists, finding immediate confirmation.

Apparently, menu selection “reset settings” within the General menu iOS 8, all data hosted on the cloud of Cupertino would be erased. In the specific case of this user, there was the loss of several documents iWork. All this despite the explain function dialog box during the restore factory settings, no other data is deleted.

At the moment, waiting for an official response from Cupertino, the bug he would torment only those users already switched to iCloud Drive, the new version of Apple’s cloud that allows not only to accommodate various documents, but also to share them with your contacts. This option is available only with iOS and OS X 8 Yosemite and, as users will already have noticed, is proposed as one of the post installation steps of one of the two operating systems. Last but not least, at least compared to the limited information currently available, the files involved concern only those created with the new productivity suite bitten Apple — Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

Yet another controversy, after the theft of hot pictures of celebrity stars and stripes, involves the cloud of Apple. The unwelcome surprise might just be due to the transition period from iCloud and iCloud Drive, the latter not yet available in share mode pending the release of OS X. Getting customers involved suggest that to keep on hand a Mac with OS X Mavericks in case you want to recover files with Time Machine, because this feature is not compatible with the beta of the operating system successor today in the hands of users.

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