iPhone 5se Review

iPhone 5se Review
iPhone 5se Review

Although from Cupertino does not reach any confirmation, it seems that the production of the new iPhone 4 inches has entered into. And it also seems that expectations are very high: according to some Asian sources, in fact, Apple would add a new vendor to normal production chain by Foxconn. It would involve Wistron, Californian company with which the Group has already worked in the past.

The rumors were supplied by DigiTimes, online publication with a fluctuating rate in terms of weather, on-going, Apple turned out to be true. As stated, Apple decided to diversify the production of the future iPhone 5se, including a new supplier, in order to reduce any risks due to high demand.

In addition to Foxconn, therefore, would have also added Wistron, company that will however a small portion of the total orders for the device. This choice also would respond to a precise strategy of Cupertino: the company would grow Wistron to be always in the future less dependent from Pegatron and Foxconn.

Meanwhile, there are no other news on the face of this iPhone 4 inches, designated by some as the iPhone 6 c. According to the latest rumors 9to5Mac, the device could be presented next March 15, to arrive in stores since September 18, at least in the United States. Mystery on prices, although analysts are betting on a threshold of around 500 bucks a piece.

In terms of hardware features, remain valid the rumor surfaced to date: with a design halfway between iPhone 5S and 6, your smartphone will feature a family A9 processor, the latter with a GB of RAM. Complete the equipment an NFC chip, to enable Apple’s Pay functions, then a 8 megapixel camera with high sensitivity in low light conditions. Should not be present, instead, 3D Touch or pressure force recognition technology introduced with iPhone 6S.

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