iPhone 6 Review

The iPhone 6 has finally arrived on the world markets, bringing with it the usual responsibility to represent once again the absolute best in the smartphone and the large user expectations sector, giving also a worthy heir to what is one of the technology tools most loved and used ever.

Starting from the new premium-diagonal screen sizes up to highly-new design, the sixth-generation iPhone brings many changes compared to the previous 5 and 5s, probably representing the net change of direction that the iPhone ever made, and the most ambitious challenge of ‘was Tim Cook.

The iPhone 6 equips the new A8 processor, as always owner of Apple: it is a 64-bit chip, 1.4 GHz dual-core, to which are alongside a graphics card quad-core PowerVR GX6450 and a Secondary M8 processor dedicated to the management of all the data coming from the large sensor package of which this smartphone features.

The integrated RAM is 1 GB, storage of the minimum of 16 GB Cutting then increased to 64 (must therefore disappear from the 32 GB version) or 128 and the battery, as always nonremovable, is 1,810 mAh.

Its data sheet, compared to what is offered by other top of the line, might seem not very competitive (especially regarding RAM and battery). It is known that the optimization of resources and the search for balance are major talents of Apple, which generally is able to offer superior performance to those that the specifications on paper would seem to indicate.

The greatest revolution than in the past, of course, is the screen: the iPhone 6 abandons 4 “of his predecessor and now integrates a much larger 4.7-inch IPS LCD panel. The resolution is unusual: 1,334 × 750 pixels (therefore slightly greater than the standard 720p), for a total density of 326 ppi, which fully complies with the definition of “retina”.

As regards the already mentioned sensors, there are accelerometers, gyroscope, electronic compass, GPS, and a barometer. Also present was the now inevitable touch ID, allowing you to unlock the phone and activate other functions with fingerprint recognition.

The antennas include Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC (used exclusively for Apple’s new payment system Pay), and a part that offers telephone support for 4G LTE networks (up to 150 Mbps download), 3G and 2G multi-band to access data in HSPA + and calls. The SIM is adopted in nano size.

The rear camera is 8 megapixels, records video up to 1080p 60fps and slow motion up to 240 fps. The sensor integrates new pixels dedicated to the recognition to autofocus phase, to improve performance.


The design of the iPhone 6 is clearly revolutionized compared to that of previous models, partly for the needs inherent to the presence of such a large panel. The first thing you notice is the thickness, really very contained: just 6.9 mm. The other dimensions are more generous, with 138 mm high by 67 mm wide: values very close to those of other top of the range Android or Windows Phone. It weighs 129 grams and gives the phone a very solid feeling, but not excessive.

Industrial design, overall, is great. The materials used are, as usual, the highest level, with an aluminum body and the lovely rounded edges (a partial return to the rounded design of the first iPhone models) and a front glass that curves gently to coincide perfectly with the profile phone, providing a result both elegant and pleasant use.

The only design flaw regards the aim of the rear camera, which protrudes by a few mm from the body and is therefore subject to possible chipping, besides giving a not quite perfect balance to the telephone when the latter is placed on the back surfaces flat, entailing also the risk of scratching the most delicate ones (glass or wood).

Regarding usability, it should be emphasized that the difference between the 4-inch screen of the old and the new 4.7 is quite large. Who was used to having a very agile telephone and perfectly manageable, even with one hand might initially be displaced from usability of the iPhone 6. The new feature called reachability, which is activated by a quick double tap on the home button and lowers the screen to make it more accessible with the thumb, is certainly a welcome addition, but can not completely erase the physical fact: the iPhone 6 is much larger than its predecessors, and it is still necessary to use one hand more trained , however nothing that can not be overcome with a little ‘practice.

Software and performance

The operating system used is the new iOS 8, which represents a refinement of the previous iOS 7, it maintains its most aesthetic and by going to integrate new functionalities, as you can see in this special on iOS 8. It is no surprise that the performance offered on the new hardware are absolutely extreme, bordering on perfection threshold.

The browsing experience on the home screen is always extremely fluid, the launch of several ultra-responsive applications and intensive multitasking shows no slowdown. Web browsing is also the highest level: the most graphic pages load quickly, and operations such as pinch-to-zoom and panning are instantaneous, extremely fluid and pleasant, as Apple tradition.

The performance of the antennas seems optimal, with each signal received with good intensity, including the GPS, which provides a hook rather quickly and accurately to the satellites. The Touch ID sensor performs well, recognizing precisely and safely enrolled fingerprints, even when you go to impress at an angle different from the original.

The performance in the field of pure graphics power are not discussed: the benchmark 3D Mark are absolutely maximized, indicating a performance at the top, and even the gaming experience with complex and heavy 3D titles, such as the classic Real Racing 3, returns ultra-smooth playability and the highest levels.

The A8 processor is undoubtedly helped by having to move “only” 1,334 × 750 pixels, or about half that of a 1080p screen, but the results in terms of performance is absolutely at the top of the smartphone category.

The excellent work of balancing also allows you to get the most out of battery, which, although not large capacity, offers a good range and average usage conditions allows you to get through the day without too many problems. Obviously, doing long gaming sessions or holding the screen on for long periods at high brightness, you will still need a recharge by the afternoon / evening.

Multimedia and camera

Speaking of the screen, it should be stressed as the lack of a full HD panel is not substantially perceptible. The density of 326 ppi on the HD retina panel 4.7 “iPhone 6 returns a definition of virtually perfect image and makes it almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye or the individual pixels. Also the screen is also excellent in all other respects: brightness, color reproduction and especially viewing angle are among the best ever seen in a device of this class.

The audio department is very attractive. The single speaker located on the bottom of the device plays a powerful sound, crystal clear and characterized by a good bass. It is certainly above average quality offered by the other top of the range smartphone.

The rear camera still offers an 8-megapixel sensor and a lens with an aperture of f / 2.2. Images taken are certainly among the best obtainable with a smartphone, both for retail and for contrast and color fidelity. The presence of pixels dedicated to the auto-detection does not appear to produce particularly revolutionary results, but the AF offered iPhone 6 is still fast and accurate. The software allows you to create very simply normal shooting, Full HD video, panoramic images, clip in slow-motion and time-lapse from the major impact, all with more and excellent quality results for a smartphone.

The front camera captures shots at a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and record movies up to 720p30 format. The results obtained are always very good in terms of color and exposure, with a detail that reflects necessarily the less powerful sensor, but that is fine overall, providing long lasting selfies with satisfaction, thanks to a very quick and quite accurate autofocus in the identification and tracking of faces.

The iPhone 6 is without doubt one of the best smartphones on the market today. The new screen, finally to large diagonal, gives a media character to rival that of the best top competitors range, while the set of technical specifications, design, features and performance is well balanced and reaches virtually every area the leaders of the smartphone category.

The cost of 729 euro is, as usual for Apple devices, avowedly “premium”, but all the qualities of the iPhone 6 amply justifies.

All fans of the iPhone that has long desired a more fashionable product with screen sizes have finally found what they’re looking for. However, those who loved the iPhone because of its extreme quality in a compact form-factor, perhaps, will initially disoriented from usability of this new model, but in all likelihood will eventually get used very quickly to never look more back.

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