Lenovo P2 Review

Lenovo is a very strong brand mobile market but lately became known in Europe mainly for product family brand motorcycle. But it seems that the company wants to prove that even without the legacy of Manso can do well. So here’s to you Lenovo P2. Inside the box you will find a fast Lenovo stretched P2 power supply 12V/2A, a microUSB to USB cable and also a welcome USB OTG adapter.

Lenovo P2 is not a compact smartphone, but considering the battery very roomy work space and weight optimisation is absolutely remarkable. The smartphone is in fact just 8.3 mm thin and weighs 177 grams. Is made of metal and has a particularly refined design but is still pleasant and very different from what one would expect from a product from long range, usually characterized by raw shells, in favor of a more capacious battery. You use quite well with just one hand for simpler operations, but in the long term, as with all smartphones like this, you’ll have to use it with two hands.

Within this P2 of Lenovo include a 2 GHz processor with GPU 625 octa-core Snadpragon Adreno 506. Performance, even compared to energy consumption, are quite good, thanks to 4 GB of RAM (although most of the stores carry 3 GB). 32 GB internal memory and is expandable through a totalled microSD, but it must be to occupy the same slot dedicated to the second SIM. Decent connectivity: good 4 g connection up to 300 Mbps, ok on Wi-Fi a/b/g/n with 5 GHz band support full. We finally 4.1 Bluetooth and NFC, in addition to FM radio.

The notification led is present on the front while a bit small and encased and not always easy to see it Flash. Good audio that is generated by the speaker, with a quality and an above-average volume. On the front there is a physical key home that doubles as a fast and accurate fingerprint reader: just place your finger to activate it.

The main camera of this P2 has a 13 megapixel camera, while the front stops at 5 megapixels. This is a resolution more than acceptable and the results are more than good. There’s a Smart mode that leaves the choice to the phone to select your favorite scene. In several cases you enable some kind of automatic HDR, however inefficient and slow in taking. The presence of a specific automatic HDR would have certainly helped. The other functions are the ones you see in the image above among which we find the artistic HDR (with various effects to choose from) and manual mode. Discreet videos recorded up to 4 k resolution. Lenovo P2 has a 5.5 inch Full HD resolution. The real highlight of this display is the technology used, i.e. SuperAMOLED. In fact, the screen is bright, vivid colors and overall a pleasure to watch. There are few display so pleasing in this price range. It also has a night mode that reduces the tone of the screen without changing particularly though its coloration.

Android is updated to version 6.0.1 Marshmallow and is personalized with the Lenovo interface. The interface resume anyway most of his cues from stock Android, while if you want to try the real experience VIBEUI you need to activate it from the settings (thus making disappear the drawer). The system is extremely fluid and also quite customizable, thanks to some themes and the ability to change separately lock screen, wallpapers or icons. There are also various options very dear to the Chinese, as the Notification Manager or permissions of apps for saving, but luckily they are all set to use “Western”. Afterwards, if you wish to disable the gesture in favor of screen buttons on the home button, the ability to use certain gestures and VR mode that will make any content ready for virtual reality (as long as the content is appropriate, of course).

There is also a way to duplicate applications (choosing from all those installed), or to create a space protected by the code. This then, through a gesture, hand mode. As for the other apps on Lenovo relies mainly on Google and you can find Chrome as my main browser over the whole suite of applications, such as Big-G Play Music as music player.

The battery is a 5100 mAh non removable disk. The results are excellent. With heavy usage you will probably get to the end of your day with even half of your battery, allowing you to arrive then to two full days. With an average user won’t be hard to do so 3 days on a single charge, if not something more. On the left side we find then a physical switch to activate a power-saving mode very stringent. It may seem almost as drastic solution, but we rather appreciated, you can repeatedly change energy mode during the day even without pulling out your smartphone in your pocket, allowing you to optimize consumption not only when you arrive at the end of the day. Lenovo P2 comes in Italy to € 339, a price in line with the hardware offered in some ways, but still inferior to other solutions of most famous brands.

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