LG 360 VR Review

LG Fiends for LG G5, not only modules. The manufacturer, so never pushed to the future, proposes a VR solution for its G5. LG 360 VR is a system for the virtual reality different from the other simple market proposals. Glasses to see a new world.

lg 360 vr

Young, fresh and colorful. LG offers an interesting and complete box for his VR system. Besides the classic warranty and manuals, you can find:

  • LG 360 VR
  • custody
  • darkening mask
  • lens cloth

This is not a classic economic viewer, rides in a smartphone. LG 360 VR is a different solution, it is fair to give a look at the specifications. Here are the technical specifications of LG 360 VR:

  • Dimensions 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
  • Weight 134g (including darkening mask)
  • IPS display dual screen 1.88 “, 960 × 720 pixels, 639PPI, 60Hz refresh
    field of view 80 ° (horizontal)
  • Slow pupillary distance adjustment and focus
  • Connection 3.5mm audio jack for headphones, USB cable type-C
  • Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity, Gyroscope
  • physical buttons for confirmation and back
  • LG G5 compatibility

Glasses from the future. LG has come up with a much simpler and more natural solution than a traditional display. LG 360 VR are the glasses and should be worn as such. Choosing LG is a winner, 360 VR is a really handy gadget to use even for long sessions (hardly leave signs of use on the face) .The materials are lightweight, no metal section, the focus was to polycarbonate and the rubber to reduce the weight and be heard less while watching. The design knows very futuristic, lines are sweet, curves but also decisive and full of character.

No, LG G5 should not be inserted anywhere. Simple, just download the app 360 VR G5, connect it with the Type-C USB cable and you’re done. The viewer will start working once worn (thanks to proximity sensor). The first configuration is simple, the viewer will help you to adjust the focus of the lens and will cover the basic commands to move around in the interface (using physical keys or tap on LG G5).

Via the “Recent” tab you can view our memories, photographs, videos and elements 360 stored in the G5 gallery. “Channels VR” presents some showcase movies at 360 degrees of various kinds (adventure, horror, shows, cities and experiences). The channels in Italy are only two, and Jaunt EpiqVR. Jaunt has a fairly extensive catalog of good quality, EpiqVR often does not work, it drops the connection to the server and is slow, too. In the “Applications” you can find the settings for the viewer, the ability to change the Home, the tutorial and a few days ago, finally App.

Indeed a duty on applications, can only be downloaded via the App 360 VR, not from Playstore. No app from Playstore is compatible with LG 360 VR. A big problem, given that in recent weeks have been made available to download only two applications. A small game Bowling and a sort of aquarium of dubious utility. Everything is in the hands of LG.

Well, there is confidence in the virtual reality designed by LG, but how you feel immersed in this world? Much! Thanks to two 1.88-inch IPS display (960 × 720 pixels, 639PPI, 60Hz refresh) the viewing quality is very good, there is a satisfactory brightness, a reproduction of natural colors and a whole through the field of view of about 80 °, the sense of immersion is guaranteed. Use LG 360 VR in full light offrecompletamente not immersed in the world of LG optimal experience, there is the light that enters (also with the obscuration mask mounted). Use it in the dark or in a room with low light, returns the best experience, especially when used with a pair of headphones to also take advantage of the support for 3D audio. Glasses little tired and fortunately do not cause dizziness, this LG solution seems to have put all agree.

LG 360 VR is the Friends perfect for use with G5 to enter a different world. Brilliant the choice to change the form factor of these viewers, LG 360 VR are unable to use for quite some time without difficulty. Immersed in the LG virtual reality, you are really good, everything is defined and from the actual colors due to the dual high-density pixel IPS display. To review the decision not to make compatible apps of PlayStore.

Everything is in the hands of LG, there is need for development, the hardware potential is there. The number of available applications must be at least tripled. LG VR 360 at the time, does little but it does tremendously well.

Little to much. LG VR 360 has a list price that is hot, well 279 Euro. Fortunately, online you can find a lower price of fifty euro. If you have a LG G5 and look for the best VR solution for your device, this Friends for you. There is no other choice.

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