Motorola Moto X Force Review

After renewing its mid-range with X Play and X Style, Motorola’s top band attack with its new Moto X Force: a smartphone equipped with wide-screen diagonal and cutting edge chipset, but also able to reserve many surprises and to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Italian market is price of 750 euros.

From the point of view of the technical specifications, there is very little to criticise the Motorola Moto X Force. The processor is the ubiquitous Snapdragon 810, then an octa-core (1.5 GHz and four core to 2 GHz) 3 GB of RAM and GPU accompanied by Adreno 430: a traditional package for current top of the line Android, which ensures safe performance level. Internal memory 32 GB minimum cut part and is expandable through microSD slot.

As for the screen, Motorola has opted for a 5.4 inch diagonal OLED Panel and quad HD resolution (2560 × 1440OK), for a density of about 540 ppi. The rear camera is from 21 Megapixel with autofocus and dual LED flash, and is capable of recording movies up to the standard 4 k; the front offers 5 Megapixel resolution and good (very interesting choice) is also equipped with flash, in order to facilitate the taking of appropriate selfie.

Antennae and connections provide the granted support for LTE data networks, WiFi a/b/g/n/ac dual-band GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and 4.1 hotspot. There is an ambient light sensor for automatic adjustment of the screen, but it lacks the notification LED (in its place there are active display functions of Motorola). The SIM supported format is nano.

Very interesting choice of battery: cannot be removed, but with its bigger than 3760 mAh is well average smartphone. Moreover, the charger provided in the box (in traditional standard micro-USB “Type-C”) supports turbo charging, for a rather rapid charging: with half an hour you reach approximately 70%.

The only really notable absence, for a top of the range of 2015, is the fingerprint reader: to each decide whether it is a serious sin or venial.

At first glance, the physical construction of the Motorola Moto X Force does not seem to reflect what you would expect from a top of the range of 2015. The design is not in fact unibody and makes extensive use of plastic material, especially for the rear shroud.

In spite of that, this phone is one of the most durable available. Motorola has developed the ShatterShield technology, which enabled it to create what is advertised as “the first shatterproof display in the world”. The screen is even warranted 4 years against breakage, and can withstand falls up to at least 1 meter and a half tall (numerous drop test available on the Web seem to confirm this).

Unfortunately, the great solidity not echoed a similar level. The overall design is nondescript, sometimes awkward: the wide front panel is full of niches and sensors that stop their lines, while the asymmetry between the upper and lower frame (quite generous, having to accommodate the speaker and microphone) subtracts balance and elegance.

With a full screen size, however, the volumes are not excessive: the Moto X 78 x 9.2 x Force measure 149.8 mm and weighs 169 grams. Use with one hand is definitely more difficult than the more traditional screens by 5 sec, but not entirely impossible.

The software installed is Android 5.1, but Motorola has already promised a quick update to the latest version 6.0. Customization, as usual for this producer, is minimal but apt. Active display functions are appreciated, that let you tap the screen to display the notifications (turning only pixels needed), as well as the shake gesture with your wrist to launch directly the camera app.

The overall experience is very good. The chipset is actually very good at her job and makes all transactions very fluid. From simply launching applications to multitasking, from Web browsing (also in Chrome) more intensive gaming, the Moto X Force is always comfortable and demonstrates a real top of the line.

Unfortunately, the multimedia performance is affected by an OLED screen definitissimo which, although in its resolution quad-HD, unfortunately shows defects sometimes associated with this technology: oversaturated colors, unnatural, and perhaps excessive contrast. The resulting image is good for detail, but not especially balanced. Even the sound quality isn’t that exciting for a 5.5 inch: single speaker has an adequate volume and produces a sound rich enough, but it tends slightly to distort certain frequencies. Overall, it could have been better.

Praise should be given to autonomy: thanks to its capacious battery more than, the Moto X Force manages to reach safely in the evening under all conditions, and in most cases will take until the next day. In combination with the fast charging, this feature will be very pleasing to those who are prone to anxiety from smartphone drain.

The camera of the Moto X Force, with its 21 Megapixels, in optimal conditions is capable of capturing nice pictures and defined. Shooting scenes well lit you can get the most out of this sensor, which produces results quite balanced in terms of detail and color. In low light, the performance is inevitably affected by the occurrence of digital noise, but the results are still good (especially for the classic small display).

The app is simple but it offers pretty much all the most used controls (including HDR and panorama mode), while the autofocus is usually pretty fast.

Even the front camera captures images adequate but is above all the presence of the secondary flash to transform this Moto X Force into a real car from selfie: no more portraits in shadow because of backlighting.
The video mode is pretty limited in terms of options (only offers three formats: 720 p and 1080 p 30 fps 4 k 30 frames per second, slow motion), but produces good results. 4 k videos are pleasant as exposure and as much detail, and the optical image stabilization helps eliminate vibration. Movies 1080 p are slightly less pleasing (perhaps because of downsampling), but still sufficient.

Overall, the photographic aspect of Moto X Force does not disappoint. The only pity is that the photos and video, whether viewed through the phone screen, absorb the defects and therefore they do not shine for chromatic fidelity and realism.

The Motorola Moto X Force is a smartphone from the nice features, sometimes unique and transformative concept of top of the line. From a phone of this cost is discounted super fast performance, but until recently had rarely happened to find them in a Terminal able to withstand impact with the stubbornness of the Moto X Force, or offer a range that can reach even two days of moderate usage.

Unfortunately, there is also some defect. The screen is the most obvious: with its saturated colors and contrasts very hard, not everyone will find it agreeable. Even the design leaves a little to be desired, with a dirty look and an aesthetic that might be called old-fashioned. Finally, the absence of the fingerprint reader disappoint lovers of this feature, while the price, with its 750 euros, not really palatable.
However, if these items do not disturb and you want to buy a phone, with a super-drums and who fears neither scratches nor falls, then the Moto X Force is without a doubt one of the most interesting smartphone end 2015.

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