Motorola Moto X Style Review

Aesthetically, Moto X Style is a really classy and composed of good materials. The Terminal has a large glass panel on the front and a rear shroud made of a rubberized material it is applied to a particular texture. The phone is surrounded by a metal frame that, when touched, guarantees a great sense of strength and a good grip.

Great job with regard to the reduction of the borders: despite a 5.7-inch display Terminal “, is not particularly difficult to hold it. Could have been done better, however, regarding the thickness of up to 11.06 mm in the most rounded of the rear shroud.

The metal frame houses the various ports. At the bottom there is a micro USB 2.0 for charging and data transfer. At the top, instead, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a removable trolley that can accommodate a nano SIM and a micro SD card.

While the left side of the frame stays clean, the right side is where are located on and off button for the volume rocker. The power button has a knurling whose task is to make it accessible even without paying particular attention.

Moto X Style front panel features other features. First of all are obvious two speakers at the extremes, respectively at the top and at the bottom. From the point of view of the sensors there is everything: visible to proximity and brightness. There is also a front-facing camera with a LED flash.

Moto X Style display is a joy to behold. Is an IPS with one of the higher resolutions ever seen on a phablet, thanks to a wonderful array of pixels 1440 × 2560 with density equal to 520 pixels per inch.

The viewing angle is really close to 180° and the behavior of the display under sunlight is excellent, especially thanks to the excellent work accomplished by the ambient light sensor.

Moto X Style is equipped with a front-facing camera, as mentioned, from 5 mepapixel and a rear well 21 mpx. Both are accompanied by an LED flash and guarantee of the shots really good.

As for the rear camera, in particular, the behavior is very satisfactory both in normal lighting conditions at night. Noise almost entirely absent, bright colors and realistic. Also the rear LED flash performs very well on his task: is a dual-tone and this is a big plus for night shots.

As regards the front camera, however, while not taking photos of great resolution, offers shots really good. Slightly noisy in low light, well exploits the LED flash for selfie.

The videos are great. The rear camera can record in 4 k resolution up to 30 fps with great quality and good audio. In addition, the user experience is enhanced by the ability to record video in slow motion.

Moto X Style comes out of the box with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop guaranteeing an excellent user experience. There are no customizations by Motorola with the exception of Motorcycles. Bike looks like a package of software features for terminals Motorola Android.

The features offered are various and very useful. Among many others, Motorcycle Display shows notifications in a minimal, clear and immediate. Basically, thanks to two sensors located in the lower part of the display, Moto X Style is unable to track the user’s movements to give a black screen (customizable) which is responsible for show schedule and any notifications.

From this screen you can also unlock your phone and view notifications. During everyday use, the function is really useful, and even too precise: perhaps it would be enough to put only one sensor for motion detection.

Other features of the package are of considerable importance also Moto Actions and Motion Assist. The first awards of the gesture for quick access to the special functions of the smartphone: shaking it and twisting it simultaneously, for example, you can access the camera. The second is suitable for events with a proactive behavior, useful to increase user productivity and also to allow you to manage your applications and data.

Other than that, Lollipop runs smoothly and flawless. Delays are rare, as are the application crashes or jamming.
Moto X Style offers you a hardware compartment should not be underestimated. The Snapdragon chipset 808 offers a Hexa-core processor consists of a dual-core processor clocked amounting to 1.57 GHz Cortex A-57 and a quad-core processor clocked amounted to 1.44 GHz Cortex A-53. The whole is surrounded by well 3 GB of RAM and a GPU Adreno 418.

There is little to say why Moto X Style manages to run any application so excellent. Several tests were carried out aimed at different types of use and, with both professional use, with both a social and leisure-oriented use X Style does not miss a beat.

In addition, with its 3000 mAh battery, the Terminal has a good battery life, with average usage-intense, will arrive in 15-20% still evening with the battery. The power supply ensures a recharge really fast: in about an hour and a half you can recharge fully.

Video games more visually demanding run perfectly and it is a pleasure to enjoy them on a big display like the Moto X Style. Applications that manage documents run smoothly and the transition from one to the other with the use of multitasking does not generate any kind of lag.

Complete the picture the LTE technology, 3 g and GSM, as well as the Wi-Fi antenna, really powerful but far too sensitive. The experience in call is good as well as the capture of sounds and the Elimination of ambient noise.

Finally, the price. The European list offers Moto X Style to € 499, but on the NET there are already several offers. However, this is a minor annoyance to request a Terminal like that, since this is ultimately a potential rival of many top of the line.

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