Nokia McLaren Review


The history of the mobile world, often in the details, sometimes much is happening behind the scenes. This is the case of Nokia McLaren, smartphone that was to be the heir of the Lumia 1020.

Does anyone remember the incessant rumors that circulated two years ago, many little speculation on the next top range from Nokia and Microsoft. The reality is simple but intriguing, Nokia McLaren has never come on the market. The reason is still a mystery, considering what came out today from the story published by Windows Central.

Yes, the boys Windows Central and Michael Fisher (in Mr-Mobile robes) have managed to get their hands on a prototype of Nokia McLaren, just what smartphone that has never seen the official light.

Michael Fisher in his video shows much of this device two years ago could tell her absolutely. The design is a clear reference to the Lumia family, slightly different but it is a natural evolution of the Lumia 1020. The software is Windows based, but this is not what strikes. Nokia McLaren had a 3D display Touch, two years ago. Today 3D Touch is expected to Apple’s solution, a display could sense the pressure levels.

Nokia McLaren was able to predict touch, there must not be physical contact. Remember just a year ago, as the clamor for Apple’s solution? Superior technology in Microsoft’s home two years ago but never presented.

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