Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Review

Apple has presented the new iPad 9.7-inch Pro, which weighs less than half a kilo and incorporates a new Retina display with a gloss top, a wider range of colors, less glare, Night Shift mode and new screen technology True Tone with dynamic adjustment of the white balance. The new iPad Pro delivers impressive performance thanks to its 64-bit A9X chip that competes with many portable PC, a sound system with four speakers and twice the power, a new 12 megapixel camera iSight camera to make Live Photos and video even faster 4 K, a FaceTime HD Wireless technologies and 5 megapixel camera. And, it is compatible with the fantastic Apple Pencil and a new Smart Keyboard made to measure.

The new iPad 9.7-inch Pro has advanced technologies like screen True Tone, using new sensors of four channels to adjust with respect to light white balance and make sure it has a more natural look, as if it were on paper. The Retina display is 25% brighter and reflects 40% less that that of the iPad Air 2, that is best both indoors and outdoors. Use the same colour range as the iMac with Retina display 5 K, with 25% more saturation for vivid colours. Custom timer, the alignment of pictures and oxide TFT offer incredible colours, contrast and quality. Night Shift in iOS 9.3 uses clock and the geolocation of the iPad Pro to automatically adjust screen colors to the warm side of the spectrum when it’s dark, and can even help you sleep better.

The new iPad Pro only measured 6.1 mm thick and weighs less than half a kilo, and yet delivers performance, connectivity and versatility impressive to perform to the most difficult tasks. The powerful chip A9X of third-generation 64-bit architecture offers graphics that rival many laptops and consoles, and still has battery for all day. Ultra-fast wireless keeps you connected wherever you go thanks to the Wi-Fi 802. 11ac with MIMO technology, compatibility with networks 4 G-LTE Advanced even faster, data connection up to 50% faster and more bands 4G – LTE than any other tablet. Apple SIM is now integrated in the new iPad Pro, so you have it easier to connect to data plans from the device itself in more than 100 countries and territories.

The iPad Pro has an advanced sensor in the iSight’s 12-megapixel camera with Focus Pixels for a more precise focus, the image signal processor designed by Apple, advanced noise reduction, localized tones mapping of third generation and better face detection. The result is images, Live Photos and panoramic 63 megapixel which is missing a single detail. True Tone helps make photos with low light and scan documents. The new iSight camera supports 4K, so the new iPad Pro is the perfect device to record, edit and share professional quality videos. And FaceTime front 5-megapixel camera is perfect for making video conferencing or chatting with family and friends.

Four speaker system delivers stereo sound clear, full of nuances and more than twice the power. Integrated sensors automatically adjust audio and optimize it in any situation. iOS 9.3 adds compatibility with video encoded with Dolby Digital Plus and output multichannel with Lightning to Apple digital AV connector adapter.

Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard (sold separately) offer a precision unparalleled with iPad Pro. Apple Pencil advanced sensors measure pressure and inclination to make drawing and note-taking more natural than ever. The new iPad 9.7-inch Pro also has a Smart Keyboard made to measure with a fine and durable keyboard that do not need to load or link by Bluetooth and that becomes a super Smart Cover sleeve. The new card reader SD lightning and Lightning 3 USB connector for camera adapter makes it easy to move photos and videos from a digital camera to the iPad Pro, and new wires of Lightning USB-C of 29 W Apple power adapter and USB-C are ideal for charging at full speed.

Apple iPad Pro price & availability
• The new iPad 9.7-inch Pro will be available in silver, space grey, gold and a new pink gold finish. Part of a price of 679 euros (VAT included) for the model 32 GB with Wi-Fi and 829 euros (VAT included) for the 32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular. Both the iPad Pro models offer capacities of 32, 128 and 256 GB. The latter is a novelty and the highest capacity on any iOS device.
• Apple Pencil is available at a price of 109 euros (VAT included) and the Smart Keyboard on gray charcoal 169 euros (VAT included). Smart Cover of polyurethane and Silicone Case covers for iPad Pro are available for 59 euros (VAT included) and 79 euros (VAT included) respectively and in a wide range of colors.
• The Lightning cameras SD card reader is available for 35 euros (VAT included), the Lightning adapter into USB 3 to Chambers for 45 euros (VAT included), USB-C adapter 29 W for 59 euros (VAT included), the Lightning USB-c (1 m) cable for 29 euros (VAT included) and Lightning USB-c cable (2 m) for 39 euros (VAT included).
• All customers who purchase the Pro at Apple iPad can enjoy personalised online settings or in the shop that we will help them customize your iPad Pro setting up email, teaching them new apps from the App Store and much more.
• Customers who are interested in knowing more about the Pro iPad and iOS 9 can sign up for free workshops offered by stores Apple Store.

HP Envy 8 Note Review

Let’s talk about Windows tablet with this new evidence, a very interesting test, not only because it allowed us to get their hands on a product not yet available on the Italian market but also because it provides us with a new and even “unprecedented hardware platform” in our evidence.

The new HP Envy 8 notes, in fact, uses the latest Intel Atom X5 hardware platform that improves particularly on the graphic side which was then the sore spot of the old generation of Intel processors always Z3000 series quad core.

It is a really interesting tablet also for its allocation of an integrated Wacom digitizer, which makes the device quite interesting as a new generation notebook that will give its best in combination with Microsoft OneNote. But let’s take a quick look before starting the device.

The device is characterized by an 8-inch screen with Full HD resolution. The specifications really include much stuff inside. While the usual Windows sin tab in some respects than Android models, here we have it all.

HP Envy 8 Notes has GPS, 4G and sensors of all kinds that are directly integrated on board. The hardware platform is the prerogative of Intel with its Atom fanless latest generation. Everything is integrated onboard, is the 2 GB of RAM 32 GB of expandable internal eMMC storage via microSD. The budget also includes 250 MB of 3G data traffic per month for two years.

Nice but very particular, it does not seem a product of the Envy series. This is the first impression that comes to mind when you see this tablet. It is a device with a design outside the box and he does not remember any competitive device.

However, the form size is a bit ‘out of time. A device that is not exactly the best of usability as it has been designed although the excellent materials and flawless solid construction and that it sends a premium.

The weight of this HP Envy 8 Notes is particularly good, just over 350 grams for a tablet still very portable and you can carry it without any problem. A certainly a bit ‘Young produced for its colors but when you look at the integrated Bluetooth keyboard detaches really much. Aluminum and silver, and the combination of blue, matt and glossy black is white really do not much but these are also very personal tastes.

Excellent in this regard the Bluetooth keyboard included in our offer, with a feedback of the keys really good and that is the envy of even the keyboards of some larger notebooks. The dimensions are in fact slightly lower than those of a standard keyboard.

Obviously not miss that lag typical of Bluetooth keyboards that go into stand-by. Excellent but autonomy but is actually an issue to consider is to recharge the keyboard. Bad touchpad, slow and does not support gestures, perhaps it would be better not to add at all.

The strong point of this HP Envy Notes 8 is the display. Excellent quality, good brightness of this IPS LCD panel that HP has decided to integrate on board of this device. Although some weaknesses we found it. Excellent color rendering of the panel, good color fidelity to reality. The panel is of good quality in all senses also for its high density of pixels per inch that thanks to Full HD resolution and 8-inch panel stood at high levels.

Conversely we can say is that it is not the best choice for this HP Envy 8 notes as a tablet. In fact, the aspect ratio is not really the best for a small Windows tablet. In fact, the interface does not fit in the best with these small widescreen dimensions.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review

Canon unveils PowerShot G7X Mark II, a powerful compact camera that offers unprecedented levels of control and incredible image quality with every shot. Based on the PowerShot G7 X, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is the first camera to incorporate the new Canon DIGIC processor 7. In combination with a CMOS sensor type 1.0 “20.1 megapixels and a 4.2x optical zoom this camera is perfect for capturing photos and videos worth sharing, print and display without using filters or conduct a thorough editing . The PowerShot G7 X Mark II offers the performance of a camera in a compact and ergonomically designed to fit the look of the PowerShot G series, while offering intuitive and immediate access to the most commonly used controls .

Thanks to Canon’s precision optics, high-speed, full manual control and enhanced connectivity, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a precise camera designed for those users who want to take control and shooting with their own style. The DIGIC 7 new generation of Canon offers a processing power of substantially improved image and allows extremely fast AF speeds and performing continuous shooting up to 8 fps in RAW format, reducing noise and helping to capture the most fleeting moments . To photograph safely and quickly, improving detection subject ensures that the camera will lock focus on the subject even when the saturation and contrast are low. The Auto Lighting Optimizer type EOS also improves contrast by a natural correction, while maintaining balanced areas of higher brightness with the darkest. Whether you catch a landscape at dawn or a city during sunset, the camera offers improved low-light performance. When it combined with bright f / 1.8-2.8, the CMOS sensor type 1.0 “and new imaging capabilities of the DIGIC 7 provide greater flexibility for shooting in the most complex conditions, even with the maximum zoom focal length. When shooting on the fly, with no time to stop, the Optical Image Stabilizer technology with Sensing Dual IS (IS with dual measurement) significantly reduces the effects of camera shake and helps reduce the impact of hand movements and body, so you captes always very clear photos.

The lens Control Ring The PowerShot G7 X Mark II offers personalized access to the most important settings and has a function to switch the stepping mode to continuously perfect, both related to gradual changes and aperture settings , shutter speed and ISO sensitivity to changes more linear as the focus. For precise focus, MF Peaking function immediately shows what is in focus, instantly visible on the hinged touchscreen. In shooting mode RAW 14 bit you can capture the nuances of color and shoot style artwork for minor editing, image styles offer preset color, you can choose according to your style or the scene to go to photograph . The Picture Style profiles are customizable and can be used throughout the range of EOS digital SLR cameras, allowing you to get the same look at each feeding, you, photograph, photograph.

Film directors beginners can rely on the PowerShot G7 X Mark II to capture your videos Full HD with spectacular clarity. TEDA full manual control access to all exposure settings, which you can compose and customize each shot so that it fits your personal style. Details video capture is now easier thanks to improved subject tracking offered by the DIGIC processor 7, allowing absolutely capture everything from the change in facial expression to sudden movements. The Dynamic Image Stabilization Canon works with automatic level to correct the effects of camera shake on five axes automatically, ensuring stable and well leveled horizons scenes, even when using the camera in motion or from angles unusual. To capture fast action for a period of time, the camera has a video mode Time-Lapse creates videos that give the feeling of acceleration.

The broad range of connectivity features the camera are immediately accessible via the Wi-Fi button, while the Dynamic NFC lets you connect with one-touch intelligent devices, including the Canon Connect Station CS100. Sharing and backup in the cloud has never been easier thanks to the synchronization feature images, which makes online copies automatically. You can also upload your images to irista Canon, which gives you more room to store your photos in high quality, and create photo galleries that you can share with your friends worldwide. When you’re ready to share your photos, in-camera RAW processing allows you to choose the output format and edit images on the fly, but also keeping the file with the original resolution.

iPads Are Great For Calming Kids Down, But Could They Cause Problems Down The Road?

When Mommy and Daddy need some good old-fashioned alone time or a little peace and quiet, handing the kiddos a tablet or smartphone seems like a harmless, effective strategy.

This new-wave parenting hack may not be generationally tried and true just yet, but it works. We often joke that sitting in front of the TV for hours is rotting their brains, but could forcing technology onto our children really be harming their growth and development? According to a new study, an increase in screen time may have a direct impact on your child’s speech development.

According to the study conducted by pediatrician Dr. Catherine Birkin, there may be a correlation between the amount of screen time children receive and the possibility of communication problems down the line.
Today, almost 40 percent of children under the age of two use some form of mobile device, a nearly 30 percent boost from 2011.

About 900 children were tracked as part of the study, which focused on recording the amount time they spent in front of their parents’ devices.

For every 300-minute increase in daily screen time, researchers noticed a 49-percent increase in what they’re calling “expressive speech delay.”

The study was not geared at other forms of communication such as gestures and social interaction.

7 Crazy X-Ray Photos That Will Make You SO Thankful You’re Not A Doctor

Even though it’s a common medical procedure now, if you think about it, X-rays are still pretty amazing.

We’ve devised a way to look inside our own bodies without putting ourselves in too much danger. Now, you don’t want to go getting one every day, but it’s an essential tool for doctors to help us….and, on occasion, laugh at us.

People never stop being stupid, and that means that there’s no shortage of foreign bodies that somehow wind up inside humans. Don’t believe me? Check out 7 of the craziest images below.

1. This one shows many needles snapped off into the neck of a person addicted to heroin.

2. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “butt plug.” (I had to.)

3. Are you sure you got everything before you closed him up?

4. That’s not where that goes!

5. This poor little girl thought these magnets were candy, and now they’re everywhere.

6. I’d say that’s too close for comfort. Yikes.

7. Um, was this guy even still ALIVE!?!

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS Review

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS presents, super zoom camera thinner and more powerful to date Canon. Reinforcing series PowerShot SX cameras trip combines a 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 6 processor to activate the Canon HS System and get photos and Full HD movies, even in complex lighting conditions, you’re wandering around through the streets of a city or dining outdoors at dawn or sunset. With a versatile ultra-wide 40x optical zoom (24-960 mm) and ZoomPlus 80x, this lightweight pocket camera has a body only 35.6 mm thick, which makes it the perfect travel companion to capture all the action, near or far.

When traveling with friends, you can shoot a large group in front of a spectacular background thanks to Framing Assist Advanced Zoom, which zooms in or out the zoom to compose the image depending on the number of people who appear on the scene. Also, when you decide to move to a new place, the Intelligent Image Stabilizer the PowerShot SX720 HS to be adapted to ensure you grasp images of the highest quality, even if you are on uneven terrain. Be creative you are, where you are, it is easy with Creative Shot mode. When using this mode, the PowerShot SX720 HS automatically create five versions of the image by applying various filters and effects. The camera can also convert your video stories in a special album by Featured Stories mode that lets you easily review and share your travel without editing.

Remember the most shocking moments in your videos up 60p Full HD and MP4 format, with the push of a button. Dynamic IS Canon, combined with automatic level, they offer very stable videos even when you scroll quickly or when recording from difficult angles, thanks to the correction of camera shake through its five axes. If you want to capture a snapshot of the action, use the Video mode -you can select Short video clips of four, five or six seconds, which has several playback options, including slow motion and double speed. For a higher level of manual control, you can use the MF Peaking function and thus achieve perfect focus both photos and videos.

Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC

Whether you plan to walk the spectacular peaks of Machu Picchu or visit the majestic Taj Mahal, Dynamic NFC and Wi-Fi will facilitate share the wonders of the world with your loved ones. Just put the camera in contact with your compatible smartphone or your Connect Station CS100 or press the Wi-Fi button to access the Wi-Fi function and sharing or backing up your images on other devices. Picture synchronization allows you to archive photos of trips as back up photos are made in various cloud services, including irista Canon, the cloud platform that allows you to automatically save your images to free up your camera and create galleries to share with your family and friends. When, photograph, you can also control the camera remotely and wirelessly using your smartphone, so you can capture a multitude of meerkats or the elegance of flamingos without disturbing them.

Canon PowerShot SX720HS Features

• Travel light and captures every moment
• All you need to record excellent videos
• Connect, share and make backups easily
• Perfect for the best times, both day and night
• As simple or as advanced as you want

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS price and availability

• PowerShot SX720 HS price: 369 €
• Available from April 2016

Amazon Prime Day 2017: it’s coming on July 11 but what’s it all about?

Amazon has officially announced Prime Day 2017 and the big date this year is Tuesday July 11. It’s that day of the year when Amazon runs “hundreds of thousands of deals” exclusively for Prime members, so if you’re not a member and you’ve been thinking of signing up – now would be a good time to get that free trial.

If Prime Day itself wasn’t enough to entice new members, Amazon is running an exclusive discount in the UK – a year of Prime now costs £59 rather than the usual £79 and this offer will run only until midnight tonight!

We gave Prime a 5-star review earlier this year at the usual £79 price so with £20 off it seems like a must-have bargain to us.

In the US, owners of the Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with voice remote will be able to say “Alexa, sign me up to Prime” to get a similar discount, but in the UK you can just click through.

Prime Day 2017 details:

While this is the third annual Prime Day, this year Prime members will be getting an additional 6 hours of deals, with 30 hours of mayhem rather than the usual 24. Consequently, the Prime Day deals will start at 6pm on Monday July 10, with new deals launching every five minutes.

The “hundreds of thousands of deals” claim is slightly dubious as it adds up all of the Prime Day deals across all 13 participating countries. That being said, there will still be thousands of deals available in the UK so you probably won’t be short of prices to browse through.

“Our members love Prime Day and we were thrilled by the response over the last two years. It is inspiring us to make it even better this year for Prime members,” says Greg Greeley, Vice President Amazon Prime.

“Every side of our business is working to deliver more deals for a record number of shoppers. We even decided that 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough time to shop all of the great deals – so we’re giving Prime members 30 hours to shop on Prime Day!”

The extra 6 hours of deals can be explained by Amazon’s Prime Day US strategy, where Prime Day will run from 9pm Eastern Time to midnight Pacific – three extra hours at each end. For us in the UK, it’s pretty handy to see the first deals at a comfortable time in the evening rather than having to stay up until midnight so it’s all good by us.

Amazon also promises that deals this year will be easy to navigate and that’s also a good thing. The Amazon shopping experience is heavily dependent on people searching for what they want – the browsing experience can be quite poor, particularly on Black Friday and manic days like it. So any attempt to make browsing deals a lot easier sounds like a good idea to us and no doubt it’ll help Amazon shift more gear too.

You’ll also for the first time on Prime Day be able to use the Amazon app to track the deals you’re interested in – so as usual with lightning deals, tick the ones you like the look of and you’ll be alerted when the deal goes live so you can see the new price.

The Amazon lottery

In additional to all of this, Amazon has also launched a big drive on Amazon Music Unlimited – its wannabe Spotify rival. Prime members who haven’t yet tried the Music Unlimited service can now secure four months of music for just £0.99. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it? And at that price why not have a look?

Between July 7 and July 11 Prime members also have the chance to win £100,000 in cash simply by streaming Amazon Video via a Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or the Amazon App on your games console. Prime members can also save up to 40% on a Kindle Unlimited membership and up to 25% at Prime Pantry between 3rd July and 6th August.

So yeah, in case you hadn’t guessed – the whole point of Prime Day from Amazon’s point of view is to drive Prime subscriptions. We’ll be right there on Prime Day listing all of the best deals so come back to TechRadar on July 11 to see which deals we rate the best!

What usually happens on Prime Day

Last year it was the biggest day in Amazon’s history: Amazon’s traffic was up 36%. It sold 90,000 TVs and thousands of Kindle Paperwhites, Fire TV Sticks and tablets.

In just three hours US customers had bought 18,048 pairs of headphones, while in the UK we bought 600 Trunki suitcases before breakfast. Amazon sold enough Philips Hue bulbs to replace every light in the Albert Hall daily for four and a half years.

So what exactly is Prime Day? Can you trust the deals or is Amazon at it? And when will Prime Day 2017 be anyway? Read on for the answers to these questions and some you might not have thought of.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2017?

Amazon Prime Day 2017 will fall on July 11, though in the UK it will start at 6pm on July 10. In the US it’ll run from 9pm Eastern to midnight Pacific.

What’s the point of Prime Day?

Prime Day exists to promote Amazon’s Prime subscription service, which Amazon says is the best deal in the history of shopping. Prime Day is for Prime members, many of whom will sign up for a free trial of the service so they can get the deals. Once signed up, many of them stay as Prime subscribers.

Why Amazon Prime Day matters

If you’re looking for bargains, Prime Day 2017 is important – not just for gadgets, but for any kind of item. For example, on Prime Day 2016 Prime members bought 215,000 pressure cookers, 200,000 pairs of headphones, 24,000 hammocks, 23,000 Roomba robots and 14,000 Lenovo laptops.

The crucial difference between Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday – other than it being Amazon’s idea – is that November’s deals are geared towards gifting, because of course it’s the holiday season. Amazon Prime Day is more about personal shopping, either for treating yourself or for saving money household items.

Will Prime Day 2017 be more exciting than last year?

That depends on what you’re planning to buy. Discounts on Amazon’s own products – the Amazon Echo, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets and Kindle e-readers for example – are pretty much guaranteed, and there will be stacks of lightning deals on the day too. Unless Amazon decides to do things radically differently this year it’s going to be a really mixed bag, with laptop deals next to handbag deals next to power tools and prosecco. If only there was a website beginning with “T” and ending in “” to find the best deals so you don’t have to delve through the dross. Hang on… there is!

As you’d expect, we’re going to be hyped up on energy drinks throughout Prime Day on both sides of the Atlantic, finding the deals that you really don’t want to miss.
Do I need a Prime subscription to get involved?

Yes and no. While Prime is for Prime customers, there will be other deals on the day that are open to everyone – it’s just that with lightning deals, which tend to have limited stock, the Prime users get to see them before anybody else. That means some of the very best deals can be gone long before people who aren’t Prime members get to know about them.

That doesn’t mean you need to pay for a Prime membership, though. You can sign up for a free trial and take full advantage of all the Prime benefits, including Prime Day. But don’t forget to cancel the trial afterwards if you don’t intend to continue. If you don’t, you’ll be automatically billed for membership when the trial period ends.

Are there special Prime deals for students?

Yes. Amazon Student gives you Prime membership for £39 per year instead of the usual £79, and it’s completely free for the first six months. It’s worth considering not just for Prime Day, but for the included TV, music and movie streaming.

What to expect from Prime Day 2017

We’d expect Prime Day 2017 to follow the template of the last two Prime Days. In the week or two before hte big day, we’ll see an enticing Amazon Prime subscription discount. Then on the day itself deals will be grouped into two category: Deals of the Day, which tend to be the most eye-catching and which are available in big numbers, and Lightning Deals, which cover every conceivable kind of product, have limited availability and often sell out very quickly. In the latter case Prime members get to see the deals before non-members.

source [tech radar]

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser Review

ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser is the new medium to low end smartphone of the taiwanese manufacturer, available in two different versions, with 5 or 5.5 inches. The data sheet is balanced, as well as the official price: 199 euros for the “small” version (the subject of this test) and 249 for one on the diagonal. As the name suggests, Asus is focusing on the presence of a camera with auto focus at laser to differentiate this Terminal compared to the competition.

The Zenfone Laser, 2 from 5 sec (ZE500KL), integrates a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 410, therefore a 1.2 GHZ quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and graphics card Adreno 306. 8/16 GB storage is integrated, expandable via microSD slot, while the screen is an LCD Panel 1280 × 720 pixel HD resolution.

The phone supports dual SIM (micro), with LTE data networks. Antennas Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS, but not the NFC. The ambient light sensor, as well as the electronic compass.
The rear camera is from 8 Megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flash, laser, while the front is from 5 Megapixels. The battery is from 2070 mAh and can be replaced.

The build quality of the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is remarkable for a smartphone of this cost. The phone is surrounded by a thin but strong metal frame, it features a front reasonably clean and back housing made of plastic with a textured rubberized, favoring grip and makes it pleasant to the feel.

From a design perspective, Asus has made some special options: the power button is on the top of the phone, while the volume rocker is on the back. Both keys are quite accessible, but perhaps less convenient than traditional saddle.

The three keys are capacitive screen bottom of Android, firm and not back-lit. Are 10.5 mm x 71.5 x 143.7 measurements, weight 140 g: not the smallest ever seen in a phone from 5 inches but still adequate.

Android OS 5.0 is installed with a customized quite invasive and not completely finished by ASUS. The phone is provided with an abundance of pre-installed applications (between managers of energy saving, file manager and various calibration software) and additional commands, which are likely to weigh down the user experience, especially for the less expert public.

With one swipe down performed on screen, for example, you open the quest: an interesting function, but often it ends up turn it on when you want to open the notification bar and controls. The interface isn’t perfect, between texts and references unlikely. Overall, there is more to ripen.

From the point of view of overall performance, the Asus Zenfone Laser 2 leaves no wishes unfulfilled. All operations are very smooth (for a terminal of this band), launching applications is quick enough and even Web browsing in Chrome is agreeable. The gaming power is modest, but large enough to handle the most common 2D games. Of course, those who wish to do 3D gaming pushed on their smartphones will have to look elsewhere.

The real surprise of this phone is its screen: while counting on a 1280 × 720 pixel resolution only, is really quite pleasant. The brightness, color, contrast and viewing angle are very good, better than average category. The lack of 1080 p is not felt practically never, since all images are defined and very legible.

Unfortunately, the audio is diametrically opposed: the single speaker connector on the rear of the device is in fact really anemic, with a maximum volume too low. Media usage is unpleasant, but especially the risk is to not hear alarms and alarms, or do not understand the directions of the Navigator in your car.

Improved also the autonomy: moderate usage reaches the end of the day without much trouble, but given the low consumption of the chipset, 720 screen and large physical size, it would be possible to do much better.

The camera is the appearance of this smartphone that Asus has advertised more, but unfortunately proves disappointing. Laser af is fast for the price range, but not surprising, and sometimes tends to cheat, emitting a beep for confirmation before you have actually produced a sharp image.

The camera app is very deep (even too much for the audience of the laity) and allows you to manually set a lot of options. What is missing, though, is the actual photo quality. The shots are indeed inadequate under more or less all points of view: detail, color and especially contrasts leave much to be desired. In General, pictures are overly full and saturated, very unrealistic, with shadows nerissime and skies burnt, even in backlit situations. Even videos 1080 p are plagued by the same problems.

It’s a shame because Asus pointed definitely much on this aspect, to the point where even some nice photographic accessories like an external flash very powerful (for the average smartphone) or a nice circular design spotlight.

The Asus Zenfone 2 5 inch in its Laser version is a smartphone with great strengths and great weaknesses. The build quality, design and the pleasantness of the screen are great, better than what is generally offered in this price range. Even the baseline performance are balanced and pleasing.

The experience of everyday use, though, is burdened by a rather invasive software customization and not excellently finished. Even the low volume of the speaker can be problematic, for example, making it difficult to use as a Navigator in the car. The real surprise is negative the camera: the shots captured are unpleasant, even for a budget phone.

The price of 199 euros overall is not excessive, but the advice is to carefully evaluate strengths and weaknesses before launching in purchase.