Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification

The Galaxy S7 is the evolution of the current top of the line, because it inherits most of the features from its predecessor. Following the limited success of Galaxy S5, in fact, Samsung decided to revolutionize its flagship product, choosing for the Galaxy S6 design and materials than ever before. The signals come from the market have rewarded these efforts and were recommended for generating S7 further processing of the work done with the last edition.

Samsung unveiled two Galaxy S6, one normal and one display with curved display, both from 5.1 inch Quad HD. It was later announced the Galaxy S6 5.7-inch edge + inches. Until a few weeks ago had circulated the hypothesis that the new smartphone will be manufactured in four versions: Galaxy S7, S7, S7 Plus Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy edge and S7 edge +, the first two with normal display from 5.2 inches, the last two with curved display by 5.7 inches.

The most recent information make reference to only two models: Galaxy 5.1 inch flat screen and Galaxy S7 with S7 edge with 5.5 inch curved screen. 4 k resolution: even the rumor also contradicted the new top of the range will have a Super AMOLED Panel Quad HD (2560 × 1440 pixels).

The doubts on the Edge Edition are certainly not been based on the stylistic tone of the smartphone, amply rewarded in terms of design, as the instrumental utility of the curvature of the screen. Visible notifications profile does not represent a “plus” in purchasing decisions and production cost leavened may be more a burden than a real opportunity. However the strong identifiability Galaxy S6 Edge should find a following in the seventh edition of the smartphone, so what good the curved display has been able to offer to the public in the last year.

The Galaxy will certainly be produced in aluminium and glass, S7 as the Galaxy S6. Very low probability of finding a magnesium alloy frame, a material widely used for notebook computers and hybrid devices 2-in-1 high end. Samsung could however add the IP67 certified (water and dust resistance) and the microSD slot (at least for the flat model), two characteristics that were deleted in Galaxy S6. The unibody design will not allow you to remove the battery, but there will be more capacity: 3000 mAh for Galaxy S7 and 3600 mAh for Galaxy edge wireless charging support S7.

Although the screen resolution will not increase, some sources believe that Samsung has chosen to use technology ClearForce, similar to the 3D Touch of Apple. The user can perform various actions, depending on the pressure exerted on the display. Other developments could be HiFi audio chip and USB port Type-C for rapid charging. The rear camera should have a resolution of 12 megapixels, then under 16 megapixel Galaxy S6. Samsung would, however, chose lenses with Aperture f/1.7, so as to improve the quality of the shots in low light. The use of the new sensor would eliminate even the boss of the camera.

Iris scanner, to be used as an alternative to the fingerprint reader for mobile payments (Samsung Pay), could be the real surprise, but in the latest rumors seem missing any reference to this innovative technology. The only certainties are the processors. The Galaxy S7 will be the first smartphone with Snapdragon SoC, 820 quad core which will replace the “unfortunate” Snapdragon 810. Samsung will also construct versions with his Exynos 8890. The hardware equipment includes 4 GB of RAM and 64 32/finally/128 GB flash memory.

On the Galaxy S7 will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, personalized with the familiar TouchWiz. Samsung will bring more changes to the software to increase performance and battery life. Over the past few days began to leak information about prices of $ 650/699 euro S7: Galaxy for the 32 GB model, $ 750/799 euros for the 64 GB model. Edge Variant should cost 100 dollars/euros. The announcement is scheduled for 21 February in Barcelona, while the market is anticipated than the Galaxy S6. The new smartphone could be available by mid March, so make a discreet “head-start” (about 7 months) on iPhone 7.

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