Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 was, for more or less obvious reasons, surely the most anticipated smartphone of the last few months and its launch, which confirmed almost everything that had been said in the previous months, was followed with interest by many. Let’s discover together what’s interesting in the new top of Samsung’s range.

The pack of Galaxy S8 is particularly rich, making finally honor to what is in all respects a top of the range. Inside we find a power supply for quick charge 9v/1.67 A, a USB/USB-C cable, an adapter from MicroUSB to USB-C, a OTG adapter (of course with USB-C port) and new excellent earphones AKG (Harman brand, now owned by Samsung) with adapters of Various measures. They are headphones that have amazed us for the spatiality and balancing very balanced between the various frequencies.

Samsung fully embraces the idea of the curved screen, going to realize with this technology also the model “base” of the top of the Galaxy S range for the 2017. The screen then also has different proportions, making the smartphone taller and narrower than the past. This allows him to have a bigger screen (and not a little) in the body of a smartphone just higher but especially much more maneuverable. This was also possible thanks to having moved to the back, next to the camera, the fingerprint reader.

The smartphone is once again made with a metallic profile (glossy in this case) and a glass back. It does not hold too much fingerprints and now the camera is almost flush with the phone, protected only by a very small step. In hand Galaxy S8 is used with simplicity and the materials with which they are built are of value. Excellent then the fact that the resistance to water and dust has been maintained. On the left side we finally find a new physical key, dedicated to the personal assistant Bixby.

Hardware still improved for this Galaxy S8. We have a new processor Exynos 8895 Octa core up to 2.3 GHz, made with production process at 10nm (like Snapdragon 835) and GPU Mali-G71. The RAM remains 4GB and the internal memory always starts from 64 GB (UFS 2.1) expandable with MicroSD. Excellent connectivity then: It is the first smartphone on the market with support to the LTE Gigabit (1024 Mbps), as well as always having the dual-band Wi-Fi AC, the Bluetooth 5.0 (which allows you to connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously), the GPS assisted by GLONASS and GALILEO and finally the NFC chip.

The fingerprint reader on the back can be reached with discreet simplicity, although it may take a bit of habit and the speaker is left in the lower part: good quality and good volume. Also in the lower part we find then the Type-C door, finally adopted on the Galaxy S family. This port is then (finally!) complies with standards and can be used without problem as HDMI video output. For almost perfect hardware The only shortcomings are the FM radio and the infrared port. Two sensors for iris scanning have also been introduced on the front side. The heart rate sensor remains on the back.

Galaxy S8 comes with a 12 megapxiel ƒ/1.7 Camera with Dual Pixel technology, optical Image Stabilizer and LED flash. The photographic capacity of this sensor (which should be the same as Galaxy S7) has already been amply confirmed and even with Galaxy S8 the results are at the top. The photos are rich in detail, with well balanced colors and focus is precise and quick. Obviously the quality worsens with little light but still manages to balance better colors even compared to how it did Galaxy S7. Many features available. We still have the automatic HDR, the Hypelapse, the Quick Start (now with the power button) and the ability to position the shutter button where you want.

Among the novelties we find Bixby Vision for the recognition of objects in the photos, the effects in real time (Snapchat style) and a renewed effect of blurring the background that now works also on the front camera. It is perhaps here that the improvement was more net. The new 8 megapixel camera ƒ/1.7 is definitely good and also supports recording video in 2k (and with HDR active). The main camera instead records video in 4k with also the active electronic stabilization (in addition to the optical one). Also good slow motion at 720p at 120 frames per second.

The screen of this Galaxy S8 is a 5.8-inch resolution WQHD + (2960 x 1440 pixels) made with superamoled technology. The display is made with the particular ratio of form 18.5:9. This elongated shape has no concrete effects on the screen itself, but it translates into greater handling for the phone. The screen is curved at the sides and rounded to the corners. These are two precautions that have no particular usefulness in the practical act, but which are functional to the extremely futuristic design of the device.

The screen is particularly charged in the colors making it flashy, thanks also to the high brightness. Anyone who wants can still make it more “natural” by the settings. Also present the always-On Display technology to allow you to have information about the notifications even on the phone blocked. This year you can also have new quick controls, for example to control music.

Samsung substantially renews the software of its Galaxy S8. It is Android 7.0 heavily customized with the Samsung interface. You can change the themes, the size of the grids (both home and drawer), activate the new drawer simply by swiping the home and also activate the new Bixby home to the left of the home. This new screen will show contextual content by taking them from supported apps (luckily there are also a bit of third-party apps). Unfortunately there is still no trace of Bixby voice (in fact even in English), the new narrator of Samsung, who currently does not support our language yet (but will do it by the end of the year). It already works well Bixby Vision that recognizes objects in the photos and proposes you to make quick purchases or give you information.

Among the novelties of the software of this Galaxy S8 we find a new mode that allows you to cut a portion of an app to keep it open fixed at the top (above other applications) and that you add to the already existing Multiwindow. Very nice new pop-up notifications that have however the flaw of not being rewardable. To get notifications (since the screen is very “high”) you can help you by swiping your finger down on the fingerprint reader.

We then still find the side panels (with some novelty related to the Clipboard and screenshots) and the personal area to put safe content and applications that we want to keep away from prying eyes. Speaking of safety we now have three biometric unlock modes: The iris, safer, but perhaps the least precise, the face, the quickest but less secure and the fingerprint, more accurate but in imperfect position.

Continuing with the news you can now interact with some apps from the screen lock, we have a new one-handed mode and a new app for notes. To better understand how high you can push the software of Galaxy S8 we will surely expect Bixby Voice in Italian (by the end of the year), Samsung Pay in Italy (by the end of the year) and the arrival of DeX that, thanks to an accessory, allow to use the phone As a PC by connecting to a monitor. Considering that even without these features this is the best custom Android software in circulation the margins of improvement are ample. The software is overall very fluid, although obviously Android stock remains the benchmark to beat.

The battery remains from 3000 mAh. The display resolution increases and the new processor production technology at 10nm instead guarantees more autonomy on the paper. Probably various factors compensate and we have detected an identical autonomy (or almost) to that of Galaxy S7. With a stress use you will be able to arrive at the end of the day maybe a little precise. Fortunately there are still two excellent technologies: the recharge (really!) Fast and fast wireless charging. Samsung Galaxy S8 is marketed in Italy at €829 a price of well €100 higher than last year. Among all the companies Samsung is definitely one of the companies that is more committed to adding value to the product, for example making edge even the smaller version, but the price remains important anyway.

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