Asus ZenPad 8.0 Z380KL Review

Family zenPad Asus, solutions for everyone. Asus zenPad 8.0 is proposed as the ideal companion for daily life, ready to accompany us in the vision of a series on Netflix, ready to have fun with its full ZenUI. The circle is the delicious range of accessories.

Super unboxing! In addition to the Asus zenPad 8.0 sales box (which includes only the wall charger and microUSB cable) it has been a pleasure to unpack Cover for this tablet. In the Audio and Power Case Cover box you can find the small adapter to recharge the internal battery of cover.Asus zenPad 8.0 Z380KL is a very well balanced device. Interesting solution Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad-Core, some doubt on the single GB of RAM.

Asus zenPad 8.0 has a classic design, a tablet for practical reasons can not depart from the canonical lines. Classic but never boring, Asus has clear curves, clean, elegant. The front is dominated by the massive 8-inch display, interesting faux aluminum profile that gives character.

In fact, the real Asus zenPad 8.0 character is all on the back, the back cover is made of polycarbonate (as the whole device) worked very well. Asus has decided to make a removable cover for two simple reasons. First, change your look in zenPad 8.0. Second, increase the zenPad 8.0 features.

If you are not aware of the possibility of removing the cover, this Asus zenPad 8.0 could be seen as a unibody tablet. The construction is surgical, solid, almost perfect. Use this tablet is a pleasure, every single physical button is placed where it is needed.

On the left is the small gap in order to remove the base cover. Asus has designed some covers of different color, always polycarbonate worked with a pleasant texture to the touch. Ok, aside from the good possibilities of customization, the extra gear is given by the ability to add functions to Asus zenPad 8.0.

Through the connector you can hook the Power Case, which will recharge the internal battery Asus zenPad 8.0 allowing the tablet to work for another 15 hours. Audio Cover is a pleasant surprise. It seems a simple cover to the book, actually hides a 5.1 surround system. After hearing music from this cover if they can not do without, will remain there, always snapped to Asus zenPad 8.0. The perfect solution to display a simple video from Youtube or follow your favorite series on Netflix, the sound quality is remarkable, perhaps it loses cleaning at maximum volume. It must admit that the maximum volume is almost ear-splitting.

Power Case and Cover Audio, are still, cover. They are aesthetically pleasing, especially the solution to the Audio Book Cover, there is a clear reference to the Zen lines Asus.Se Audio Cover lets you hear a high-quality audio, even the display is no exception. Asus zenPad 8.0 has an 8-inch display, IPS, resolution 1280 x 800. Although on paper someone might turn up their noses, this display is absolutely nice, true, there is a pixel density high but it is not the point. The color reproduction is excellent (can calibrate in Settings), every nuance is represented faithfully. A very natural color display but still loads, a point of very clean white (perfect for web browsing and reading documents). Some shade on black reproduction, is an IPS is normal. Asus zenPad 8.0 is the perfect companion if you love watching movies on the move.

Asus zenPad 8.0 comes with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop + Asus ZenUI. The manufacturer has worked very well with its interface, it is definitely rich in features and customizations. There is a large number of preinstalled apps, there’s also the classic bloatware that you can uninstall, fortunately.

The ZenUI offers everything there is all you need on a tablet, maybe too much. Each application is in strict material design and is able to make optimal use of all the space offered by an 8-inch display. The interface is flexible, there is the possibility to set each individual parameter depending on the various needs. Excellent Asus move, proprietary applications are on PlayStore, upgrades are fast and steady.

Aside from the known possibilities of ZenUI, this small tablet suffers from Asus customization, amazingly. The producer always manages to optimize good their devices limiting ever ZenUI, in this case, the mission is not accomplished.

It should be noted, Asus zenPad 8.0 does not go bad, it manages to be fast enough for most tasks, unfortunately, multitasking (important operation for a tablet) slowdowns are showy. As usual, Asus will solve with a little updating. All in all, Asus zenPad 8.0 is a tablet that aims more to the use of content that the production of content. Operate massively in web browser, manage multiple documents or applications are actions not just in the ropes of this tablet.

There 4G connectivity and, Asus zenPad 8.0 is capable of handling the phone part. The capsule quality is Scarsini, also the main microphone is poor. It is not a real drawback, is a tablet and let it do the tablet. Good instead the intensity of the signal, this is an important factor.

Hoping someone uses the camera of a tablet only in emergency situations, this Asus zenPad 8.0 has a rear camera of 5 megapixels. The software is the classic of ZenUI, complete and functional. What is missing is the hardware. Again, it’s not a real defect, is a tablet is not meant to take great photos. In any case, in conditions of full light images are still under the sufficiency but honest, just in just slightly the light, appears an intense video noise. In general, the shots are doughy and chewy, I repeat, is not a problem. Oh, the 2-megapixel front camera has a good wide-angle selfies saved.

Music playback is entrusted to each speaker placed on the front, positioning is right, absolutely right. The quality is good, the volume is not very high but in general we are dealing with a good single speaker. Use Audio Cover is always consigliato.Asus gives zenPad 8.0 a 4000 mAh battery, perhaps due to its size, it could do more. In any case, Asus zenPad 8.0 can withstand the impact of a busy day without any problem. With the classic use from home, make more than a single day is not a dream, especially if it is equipped with a Power Case that charges the battery of the tablet (for once).

Asus churns out a balanced product, observed individually. Expand horizons and evaluate the impact of good cover, it is the key to reading this tablet. Overall Asus zenPad 8.0 is a good product to consume content, especially video thanks to Audio Cover and his 8-inch display. The ZenUI and its huge application package, also push the production of content, unfortunately zenPad 8.0 can not keep up with Asus will. After all, work in a professional manner with an Android tablet is difficult, if not impossible, for everyone. If this judgment is valid, Asus zenPad 8.0 manages to be a very good travel companion.

Ok, what touches to shell out for this machine and its accessories? It starts from the price list of a single tablet, about 199 euros, a decent price, a price that online has already dropped to around 169 Euro. Unfortunately there is no kind of bundle, promotion or other that allows to take home a few covers. The Power Case is priced at 39 euros while Audio Cover touches the threshold of 79 euros. Better to focus on a good audio quality, if you intend to spend more money in addition to the individual price of the Asus zenPad 8.0.