Canon EOS 1300D Review

Canon has introduced a new digital SLR (DSLR) for beginners, the EOS 1300D. Ideal for beginners in DSLR photography, the EOS 1300D offers free Wi-Fi and NFC Dynamic for sharing images easier than ever, as well as a number of enhanced features to help you capture stunning photos and creative videos. With a 18-megapixel sensor and easy handling, the EOS 1300D is the perfect camera to capture images with incredible appearance and that can be shared immediately.

To get photographs that draw attention, the EOS 1300D incorporates a DIGIC 4+ processor and a large sensor APS-C sized, 18-megapixel, so you can capture the most intricate details and diversity of color in each scene. If you want to photograph scenes in which people and objects stand out from the unfocused background, you’ll get it by controlling the depth of field of the EOS 1300D. From close-ups of nature, portraits or large cityscapes, this camera helps you to create original photos you want to share wherever you are. With over 80 EF lenses and a wide range of accessories to choose from, the EOS 1300D is a versatile digital SLR camera that gives you the results you want today and flexibility for the future.

The DSLR photography can scare some beginners, but with the new EOS 1300D even the most novice can capture photos with stunning quality from the start. Intelligent Scene Mode gives all control to the camera and select the most appropriate settings for you. Or, simply turning the mode dial, you can choose from a number of shooting modes designed for specific subjects, such as the new Food mode. The fast autofocus system that can see through the viewfinder ensures that even moving subjects are always in focus, which will help to capture action scenes to three frames per second (fps). For fun and unique creations, you can apply to your images a number of creative filters such as Toy Camera and Fish-Eye.

As you progress in your photographic technique, you can take advantage semiautomatic modes control or full manual. To be able to choose the creative adjustments from the aperture to shutter speed and ISO sensitivity between 100 and 6,400, expandable to 12,800 ISO, the camera gives you the freedom to go to learn and capture your favorite moments, even when the light decreases. To record professional-looking videos, you can record every detail with Full HD quality thanks to its large sensor, and record with shallow depth of field to add a cinematic touch to your family and vacation videos. The camera has the same manual controls to record video for pictures. If you use the video snapshot mode, you can also record a series of short video clips that can automatically join in a continuous video sequence showing a summary of the day.

The EOS 1300D and NFC has a number of features Wi-Fi to help you store and share your photos during your travels. Using NFC, you only have to touch to connect to compatible Android smart devices and transfer photos or shoot remotely using the app Canon Camera Connect. It is very important to ensure that your most precious memories are stored safely; with built-in Wi-Fi can upload directly from your cámara¹ to a number of cloud services, including Canon irista, and create online galleries to share with your loved ones. You can also connect the EOS 1300D a Canon Connect Station CS100 to store your photos easily and have different options for sharing.