iPhone X Review

The owners of the latest IPhone X are complaining that the device is not rendering them as they expected. They alert two problems, the most serious of which, depending on where one lives, is that the new mobile stops working at low temperatures.

Internet users have written on Reddit, forums and social networks that the long-cherished phone hangs and does not respond to touch when temperatures drop from zero, reports Forbes magazine.

Apple supports the problem and in all sincerity recommends users to use their devices at temperatures between 0 ° C and 35 ° C to avoid temporary failures. The company has also indicated in a statement that they are aware of the contrariety, which happens when the temperature change is fast, and are currently working to solve it through ‘ software ‘.

But the cold is not the only disappointment of IPhoneX users, who also complain of a green stripe that appears on the right edge of the screen, reports the portal in Gaget.

One of the owners of the ‘ gadget ‘ has indicated in a forum for Apple ‘ fans ‘ that the strip does not disappear or restart the device. Another person who acquired the IPhone X has reported on his Twitter that the AppStore changed the phone when he notified this problem.

Various users of IPhone X have resorted in recent days to social networks and specialized forums to report a technical problem that suffers the latest release of Apple. The complaints began to appear within a few days after the new IPhone device went on sale on November 3 with an initial price of US $999.

This is a green line that crosses the left side or — in other cases — the right of the screen from the top to the bottom. This unwanted visual element has already been described by some Internet users as “The Green Line of death”, and its origin has not yet been explained by Apple.
According to the affected users, the Green line seems not to affect its functioning, but, without a doubt, it is an annoying situation, and more when one of the main attractions of the best iPhone of the year is precisely its 5.8 inch OLED screen.

The good news is, surely, this is a hardware problem, so customers can replace their defective cell phone with a new one. This situation is added to an ever-longer list of bugs related to the IPhone X. Simply, today it was announced that the display of Apple’s new phone, apparently, freezes when it gets in contact with low temperatures.
According to the report, the LCD model will be 6.1 inches; One of the OLED models will be identical to the iphone X of 5.8 inches current, while a third will arrive at 6.5 inches and would be the Plus model of the iphone x. The analyst Kuo is usually very successful in his reports on Apple.

Also, the three models for next year would have the same front tab for TrueDepth, so face ID facial recognition would make the leap to those three models, says Kuo. The iphone of LCD would cost between US $649 and US $749, but the iphone x Plus would exceed US $999 that costs base model of the current iphone x.