New Asus Transformer 3 Variants

The number “3” today for Asus reserves other surprises. In addition to the new line of smartphones / tablet ZenFone 3 (composed of three variants), the Taiwanese manufacturer has presented the new range of laptops / 2-in-1 tablet Asus Transformer 3, coincidentally also composed this by three different models: Asus Transformer 3 Transformer 3 Transformer 3 Pro and Mini. The offer is targeted to cover a fairly wide range of budgets, although still were not branched prices of the various products. Let’s examine them one by one, starting this time from the more expensive product.

Asus Transformer 3 Pro

The Transformer 3 Pro is the most expensive (from $ 999) of the three devices introduced today by Asus, and uses a 12.6-inch display with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels well, for a pixel density of 275 ppi. Under the shell there is a powerful Intel Core i7 processor (which we imagine will vary depending on configuration), while for storage you opt for a 1TB PCIe SSD segment, complemented by 16GB of RAM to 2133MHz.

It amazes the decision to mount even a 13mp camera on the back of the computer – usually reserved for solution of smartphone-class devices. The Transformer 3 Pro, as is normal for a business product, incorporates a biometric sensor for fingerprint recognition. Of all respect the design, which leads to a thickness of 8:35 mm, including the removable stand which allows to adjust the angle up to 170 degrees.

As for connectivity, we find on board the Transformer 3 Pro a Type-C USB port convertible, a Thunderbolt port, a USB 3.0 and HDMI. Audio is handled by the Harman Kardon speakers.

Asus Transformer 3

The Transformer 3 display is the same as the Transformer 3 Pro, while with regard to connectivity are excluded Thunderbolt port and HDMI port. They lead to changes in performance, although the presence of the Intel Core i5 processor seventh generation, supported by 8GB of RAM (maximum – the standard is 4GB) and 256GB of SSD PCIe storage (512GB max) passes far from unnoticed.

The advantage is the reduced thickness – 6.9 mm compared to the Pro model; the weight is 695 grams, while the battery is 38.5 Whr. Asus Transformer 3 will be priced at $ 799 to start.

Asus Transformer 3 Mini

The Transformer 3 Mini is mini in everything: in fact the processor is an Intel Atom X5, which though less powerful than the Intel Core counterparts are able to offer a greater autonomy, while the screen is composed of a smaller panel than the Transformer 3 solutions and Transformer 3 Pro with 10.1-inch diagonal and resolution not yet specified.

The weight of the product is equal to 530 grams without the keyboard, and 790 grams with the annexation of the keyboard. Both the keyboards of the other two models of the Transformer 3 Mini are backlit LED; fits even a biometric fingerprint sensor is this model on the back. Asus has not yet issued the price of this model, as well as the rest of the specifications.