Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review
Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review

After the huge success of Mi Band, Xiaomi is poised to dominate the market for wearable with updating necessary hardware than the previous Bracelet (a heart rate monitor) with Mi Band 1S. Seems a negligible change add one piece of hardware, but the strength of Mi Band has always been the price.


The design of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S remains unchanged: a small block of plastic and aluminum to be inserted into the battery compartment of the bracelet, 37 x 13.6 x 9.9 mm in size, for sale in various colours in addition to the standard black.

The only difference is the presence of the Green LED that allows you to monitor your heart rate. The strap doesn’t seem to have been improved, and so it is extremely likely that, after a few months of use, wear enough to be forced to buy a new one – for sale, however, at a price lower than the cheapest price in town.


The technical characteristics of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S remain almost the same, surprisingly quality: the accelerometer that counts steps and distance traveled is to manufacture ADI, an American specialist in technologies of high security and low-voltage systems.

The shell is IP67, which is water resistant and dust. This means that you do not withstand prolonged submersion or scuba diving with drastic changes in pressure – for example in a dip in the pool.

Bluetooth 4.0 communicates seamlessly with every Apple smartphone, Android or Windows Phone (the latter only with an unofficial app). Besides Xiaomi declares that consumption is one-fifth compared to all other accelerometers used in the hi-tech industry.

The only new hardware resides in new Photo Plethyamo Graphy (PPG), the sensor for detection of heart rate in real time: the measurement is accurate and reliable, and occurs in about 5 seconds. The interface is rather annoying though that summary: you have to wait 5 seconds in front of a screen that tells you how to keep your arm and the cuff during measurement, and this makes you lose time.


More performance, you can talk about accuracy and functionality offered, which are the highlight of this economic jewel. In addition to the classic monitoring steps and distance traveled, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S (like its predecessor) quantifies the quality and quantity of sleep during the night. Slumber time is ridiculously precise and awakening, and not overestimate the distance as do many similar devices.

The app owner, I Fit offers a not always reliable categorization of activities carried out during the day, but at least offers the possibility to set the notification LED volume and vibrating alert for incoming calls.

Of course the I Band 1S is more deeply integrated into the ecosystem Xiaomi: as the predecessor, for example, you can unlock your smartphone Xiaomi no password if the wearable is the arm (but only with MIUI 6.0 and higher).

The most important software innovations, though, is the Early Bird Alarm, already present on Fitbit and Jawbone. Before bed you set an alarm and activates the function: Mi Band 1S will analyze body movements and heart rate to understand sleep phase you are in, waking the user with some slight vibrations in the most opportune moment to wake up more natural, that is, within 30 minutes before the preset time

The vibrations will not stop until we get out of bed or do not make abrupt movements of the arm. During the two-week test, every day has been dealt with in a more rested with this feature. It seems incredible, but there it is. And it is even better than competitors because there is a danger that the skin can irritate with this kind of smooth plastic strap.


Definitely worth a side note the extraordinary autonomy: up to 40 days from 100 to 0%. It should be noted, however, that by enabling accurate monitoring with the HR monitor at night, autonomy sensibly and 45 mAh capacity fills up obviously first if every night the heart rate monitor is activated at times within 8-9 hours. Xiaomi’s work was nevertheless excelled in the maximum optimization of consumption.

Surely you could miss a display for notifications, a deeper synchronization with Smartphones and not particularly relevant. However, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S is the wearable it takes to enter cautiously in the fitness world-track.

On the other hand, ecosystems of Apple and Google offer of hub (Google Health and Fit, respectively), which assimilate these data giving them to more advanced software to monitor how Runtastic, Azumio, UA records, and so on.

The intelligent alarm function is definitely the killer-feature that puts this gadget a step above most renowned counterpart too. Even given the price excessively competitive about 25 € on Gearbest, including shipping.

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