Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

mi band 2

It is not hard to see why, since the commercialization of the first model, the fitness tracker Xiaomi is so successful: it has great features at a very affordable price. It ‘true that, at the time, must spend a little more than previous generations (Mi Band 1S) to bring home the Mi Band 2. The Chinese house has listened to customer feedback and has created a new product, that does not upset what has been done previously , and that is the ‘investment made.

Usually hardcover for Xiaomi, which has included in the package, the bracelet, the owner charger with a USB input and quick manuals, written entirely in Chinese. The board is to insert the charging cable to the PC and not to the house current, to avoid the risk of burning the band’s battery. Charging times are absolutely acceptable, since it takes about 45 minutes to charge the 70 mAh battery.

The new product is larger than previous generations. The heart of the device measures 40.3 mm long, 15.7 mm wide and 10.5 mm thick. So you can not take advantage of previous bracelets Band I, if it were in possession. Among the ‘other it is important to emphasize how the new straps have been reinforced at the point of’ insertion of ‘olive, so as to avoid that it be lost accidentally by users.

The I Band 2 has a cardio PPG sensor in the back, renewed, to said Xiaomi, compared to previous solutions. E ‘but in the front that the news are more obvious: the’ Chinese company has entered an OLED display, 0.42 “, and a soft touch button circular, useful to slide the cyclically information on the small screen.

The battery is increased, accordingly to the larger size of the bracelet. Despite the presence of a small screen, the ‘autonomy is still great, failing to provide more than twenty days of use.

Fitness tracker is also equipped with IP67 Waterproofing, as usual I Band, enabling its use in any situation. Remove it only becomes necessary to recharge!

Xiaomi has graphically renewed its’ proprietary application I Fit, useful for the exchange of data between smartphone and bracelet. Downloaded from the Store of Apple and Google, it allows you to have on hand information about all ‘everyday activity by’ UI, all in an immediate and intuitive.

The opening page already allows to have available information on the steps taken, the calories consumed and the kilometers traveled during the day, thanks to a circular graph showing the results achieved. By clicking on ‘circular element, it leads to a histogram that shows more in detail the’ activities, with the possibility, using Swype, to take a look at the steps taken in the past days. Easy to read even the data on sleep, divided into light and deep sleep, placed in a histogram on the main page of ‘application. Turning to the quality of the information that is collected from the fitness tracker, it must emphasize the fact that the ‘company has improved the’ algorithm of the step count, although still tends to overestimate slightly. Great tracking of sleep, always very accurate, as well as effective is the vibration of the cuff to awaken the ‘user at a specific time.

What primarily differentiates the I Band 2 from previous generations regards the small display that is mounted in the upper part of the bracelet. Everything is managed from a small circular button soft touch, which is particularly sensitive to ‘water during showers or pool often that the display is active and start showing the data collected from the cuff or involuntary performs measurements heartbeat. This circular button appears to be the ‘only way of interaction with the’ activity tracker; It allows you to scroll through the items, selectable all ‘internal’ app I Fit, so take a quick look at the steps taken, the kilometers traveled and quant ‘other. It ‘also possible to mount a rapid measurement of the heart rate, without resorting to’ application. L ‘another interesting feature on the small display, which you can also activate by making a small rotation of the wrist, is to show the’ application is notifying on your smartphone.

It ‘should, in this case, make a small distinction between the two supported OS. In the case of Android, all applications can be chosen because I wake up the Band, for a maximum of 5 apps simultaneously activated. I Fit for IOS, however, it allows you to select only a limited number of software (there are, however, the main third-party apps). Upon receipt of the notification or a call, the band of the Chinese house vibrates and shows the ‘icon of’ app concerned or the handset, without giving further details.

The company stressed that there was important work to improve the HR was added to’ internal sensor of the Band 2 I, compared to that in the previous generation tracker. The measurement can be made through the ‘application I Fit or through the bracelet itself. In both cases it is spot assessments required by ‘user, without any automatism. As regards the quality of measurements record, I have not noticed a big improvement compared to the past; bpm tend to vary substantially between individual measurements and the ‘other, even if these are carried out in the short distance between them.

You must stand still because you can have acceptable values and, despite this, often the band’s display shows a symbol error, due to a failure detection rate.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an absolutely recommended product for the ‘excellent quality / price ratio. At the time we have to spend about 40/50 euro to buy it, but still be an interesting device for its functionality. And ‘practical, lightweight, comfortable and discreet. It ‘good to have a fairly accurate indication of the daily activities and to be notified of the notifications that arrive on your smartphone (although it should be noted that some of the Android notification is lost from the cuff). Who cares if there is no real ecosystem, the ability to communicate with other application-specific fitness or whether the data collected is not really accurate.

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