Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Review

This is the first solution, the first interpretation of curved display according to the Chinese company. Has hinted that the creation of Xiaomi Mi 2 Notes was really a step forward, so that the product was presented with the most innovative I Mix. Of course we are talking about a device treated maniacally from the aesthetic point of view and that has a lot to offer in terms of performance.

Inside the package you can find Me 2 Notes candida the loader that supports rapid charging of Qualcomm, the Usb cable Type-C – Usb, pin for the slot housing two Sims and the usual instructions. Xiaomi is aware of the great slipperiness of the Terminal, to the point of having proceeded to insert a cover-rigid plastic, not very invasive, but that it should be to ruin the careful design of the phone.

It is always difficult to explain in words the design of a device, especially when it is researched, edited, well drawn. The fact is, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is really nice. The Chinese company has decided to work on all aspects to make appreciable this phablet. Primarily the materials. Glass front and back glass, curved sides. In this sense, other companies have not proposed anything: Xiaomi anticipates before such solutions and aesthetic reference to other competitors ‘ products is pretty obvious.

But then the Chinese House tried to give Me Notes 2 mark, especially in the optimization of space. The device is very thin and frontally, the display occupies a large proportion. The curved display, however, does not eliminate the side frames and maybe this is unfortunate. In a break from the monotony of the glass we think the metal that forms the side frame.

All this leads, alas, the first real problem of smartphones — its slipperiness. Almost too much, in fact, to the point that it is almost impossible to use it without any custody, even if so many of his lines are obstructed. It’s the most interesting hardware element, since Xiaomi implements the curvature for the first time on a product, and that’s what disappoints most. Just because the rest is very good. The Chinese company has opted for a 5.7 ″ OLED Panel FullHD resolution (1920x1080p), curved, giving vivid images and vivid AMOLED tradition. The curvature is barely hinted at, and this does not alter your daily usability: images are not distorted, at the side of the display, from rounded and this guarantees a perfect view of all elements of the software.

But the quality of the Panel lapses hardly tilts, and this he is seen especially when reproducing clear images. Specifically, there is a tendency of the display to blue, discoverable, especially along the curved sides. Nothing so problematic, but certainly the performance is not comparable with Samsung display mounted on the latest Galaxy, so to speak. The price and the location is in the top Notes 2 Me, therefore it is necessary to highlight these minor niggles.

Xiaomi inserted inside her I Memos 2 all the latest technology. The processor is a Snapdragon 821, a 2.3 GHz quad-core, the GPU is the Adreno 530. The test model has 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal memory UFS LPDDR4 2.0. Needless to say, how handsome the device with such hardware. Tests have shown a high computing performance by the processor and an incredibly high speed internal memory for read and write. This results in a great fluidity and speed of the system in all operations. The applications you install smoothly from the Play Store, open without any uncertainty and user experience is enjoyable and rewarding. Nothing of note 2 Notes: the gaming side I never shows the side, no worries him.

It also works well on biometric fingerprint recognition sensor, placed on the physical button front. By unlocking it, the screen is off, press button and immediately shows the home. It is worth noting, however, that is not infallible: in some cases you may need to reposition your finger over the sensor so that the print is recognized.

Sounds instead sees the implementation of a speaker at the bottom of the Mi 2 Notes, hidden by a series of circular holes AppleStyle. Hear the sound through full-bodied when listening to music or watching a video. No problems to handsfree conversation during a phone call. The telephone industry is one of the aspects of quality, since the signal is latched without any problems and the earbud produces clear sounds.

The Mi Note 2 is a Chinese device and like many other models suffers from the lack of the 800 MHz band. Even in this case there may be problems with the 4 g network in the suburbs. Anything wrong, by the way, about telephone calls: the radio module is especially powerful.

Haier smartphone software requires a small separate chapter, as it represents the added value of any phone. The skin of the Chinese company is the MIUI 8, declined, in this case, the official version installed with Chinese/English language Global Xiaomi. It was made available for download the firmware with Italian language by Xiaomi.eu, but has not been installed for a few reasons. One of these is definitely due to the already excellent performance of the official version. No worries to the notifications, which are always provided that they follow the simple steps that are listed in the various guides on the net.

The MIUI 8 is minimal, simple, concrete, responding in full to read Google on Material Design aesthetic. Proprietary apps and animations are stylish and functional. In addition, settings are boundless. I appreciated, in particular, the Store of the themes, so varied to meet the needs of all users and the Second Space, which allows you to create a separate room from the main, within which to insert several accounts, pictures, music and more. Also, in the middle is 2 Notes tapped Me Xiaomi physique in order to make the experience of using Android easier. You can disable the soft touch keys and manage software side jobs with one button: with one touch of the finger you can go back one step, press return to Home, while double clicking you enter the multitasking.

The MIUI is ultimately a very broad world that requires several days of use to be explored thoroughly. Represents the essence of the freedom of customizing Android.

The photographic Department of I Note 2 consists of a sensor, electronic image stabilizer 22.5 rear Mpx and aperture f/2.0, the same aperture on the camera front, which is by 8 Mpx and ensures good selfie. Of course the focus shifts on the photographic sector back, because it looks like the top of the category, so expect high photographic quality. Expectations that find satisfaction in the daytime shots: the image is full of details and colors are captured exactly. Photos with poor lighting, however, appear to be noisier. Nothing dramatic though: Let’s talk about good optics, although it reaches top levels of 2016 cameraphone.

Unfortunately the videos can’t get the same quality of the photos. The 2 movies in 4 k at 30 Notes Xiaomi frames per second, but omitting the pure power of the graphics processor, the results aren’t exactly exciting. The videos have much compression and electronic image stabilization, which should help a lot during video recording, fails to secure a recovery firm and completely satisfying.

Do not worry. The MIUI is updated continuously by the company, so much can be improved on the software side, especially with regard to the video. Deserves mention the same camera app of well crafted graphical standpoint MIUI and with many cool features. One of these is the manual mode, which includes the Focus Peaking, able to ease the focus when operating manually on the cursor.

The speech related to battery life of 2 Notes care Me various hardware items, primarily the new Snapdragon 821. In fact, the large autonomy of the device is not only due to the battery Xiaomi 4070 mAh non removable disk that supports rapid charging Quick Charge 3.0. The new core of Qualcomm is able to perform large computing, without impacting on device battery. In addition, temperatures are kept very low, even during stressful uses the Terminal, such as during gaming sessions. Then there’s the display; the OLED Panel FULLHD determines a lower impact on consumption than a more resolute display.

Ultimately, the Xiaomi Mi 2 Notes is an excellent Terminal in many respects. Striking design, for performance and for the user interface. The camera is finally worth mentioning on a Terminal Xiaomi, which makes it a Terminal suitable for taking pictures in any light. The new processor delivers high performance with low fuel consumption: stay a day away from the quick charger will not be a problem. Unfortunately the high slipperiness and the display not great don’t allow me to be completely satisfied with this device, especially for its location within the market.

It is available on Honorbuy.it at a price of 549€, in version 4 + 64 gigs. The investment is important, but it can be done if these small issues highlighted are not implemented by the user as discriminatory. However there are alternatives, even if you decide to look at the range of products it offers Xiaomi right now.

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